Are Catholic Christians? Yes! Catholics are the original Christians!

Catholics are the original Christians because the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ Himself. (See our video on that here.) Catholics were the only Christians for centuries upon centuries.

After Jesus’ ascension into heaven, Catholics were persecuted for centuries. Nonetheless, they protected the deposit of faith given by Christ and preached it to all nations. It was the Catholic Church alone who defended the divinity of Christ when it came under attack heretics. It was the Catholic Church who made the Bible and protected it for over 1000 years – long before any denomination was ever even heard of. Every religion that considers itself Christian has its origin in Catholicism, or, was completely invented from nothing, and with no authority.

The first serious break in the Catholic Church came over a thousand years later. In the year 1054, the Orthodox churches broke away from the Catholic Church and the authority of the Pope. While the Orthodox reunited twice with the Catholic Church throughout history, they broke away again at a later time and remain separated to this day.

What happened in 1517 was even more serious. Martin Luther mutinied and rebelled against Christ’s Church and went on to invent his own, but without any authority to do so. He was a mere mortal man. How could he possible attempt to change what Christ already started. Therefore, simply stated, the Lutheran Church is a man made religion, as are all other denominations.

It was not long after Luther broke away that Calvin and Luther disagreed with each other over doctrine, and Zwingli disagreed with both of them. All parties condemned the other. By the end of his life, Luther was so frustrated that everyone was going by the Bible alone but coming up with their own contradictory interpretations of it. By the time Luther died there were over 240 new Christian religions (or denominations) born of the Protestant movement.

Today, there are tens of thousands of denominations, and each of them still going by the Bible alone and claiming to be the correct denomination. They each claimed to be led by the Holy Spirit and yet come up with contradictory and competing doctrines and beliefs.

Now, either these man-made religions are very confused or the Holy Spirit is confused because they all contradict each other in some way and come up with different belief and teachings. (Spoiler alert: the Holy Spirit doesn’t get confused!)

Needless to say, This confusion did not exist from the beginning. Some denominations assert that it doesn’t matter what one believes as long as they believe in Jesus. Be it Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist; “We’re all just different denominations, all believing in Jesus. Isn’t that what’s important?” That is a very morally relativistic attitude. Believing in Jesus is not enough. Even Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims “believe in Jesus.” There are even “Jews for Jesus.” The Catholic Church has been teaching the Christian truth and defending it for over 2,000 years long before all of this confusion came to exist.

Those who falsely suppose that the Catholic Church is not Christian but a pagan church, consider this; it was the Catholic Church that put the Bible together under one cover as we know it today. By the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit (that Christ left to guide the Church), the Catholic Church decided which books would be in the Bible and which books would not be, and they put the Bible under one cover as we know it today. God worked through the Catholic Church for over a thousands years to bring about the Bible to us. This proves that the Catholic Church is not a pagan church. It also proves that God works through the church he started and has from the beginning.

Many former Catholics who did not know their faith before they left might scream otherwise, and many anti-Catholics will spout lies over the internet. However, neither group are able to get their facts straight or their arguments correct regarding Catholicism. They are full of flagrant errors and elementary straw men mistakes. If you look at their arguments and do a bit of research you will see they are incorrect. You may also see our article here on the sad story of ex-Catholics, or you may click here to see the bad arguments against Catholicism rebutted.

You might see people who say we worship Mary or the Pope. Yet our own Catholic documents state the opposite, teaching that Catholics do not worship anybody except God alone. So, how can they assert such errors in good conscience? They come up with many interesting, but false, ideas about what Catholics believe. We believe there is only one God and one Lord Jesus Christ, and we have for 2000 years.

Are Catholics Christians? YES!