If you have attended one of our retreats or follow our social media accounts, you may have noticed that we receive many questions on many different topics. Periodically, we answer some of these questions in one post or video (If you prefer to watch the video, click here.)

Today we will be answering five of these questions and will be answering many, many more in the future. And if you like these answers then check out our “Your Questions Answered” playlist on YouTube for even more.  So here we go, let’s answer these questions!

Question #1: What is a good age to get married?

The answer is 40!  To be honest, it varies and depends on the person. Every single individual, situation, and circumstance is different. Age is not as important as the quality of person you find and how you navigate the relationship.

A person once asked me why my wife and I have such a good and happy marriage, while so many other marriages are miserable and falling apart. My answer was to find the right person and do not compromise. That is half the battle. Whether you do that at 21 or even 31, finding the right person that God has for you is what will help you have the happiest marriage. So I cannot say “Oh it’s 40, it’s 30, or it’s 22” because really there is no right answer. It’s when it is right for you.

Do not rush the process and do not prolong the process out of fear. Do not compromise out of fear, low self-esteem, desperation, or anything else. Keep God in the details and ask Him to lead you to the right person at the right time.

Question #2: Where does evil come from?

That is a good question! We know that Lucifer, who used to be an angel in Heaven with God, rebelled against both God and Heaven. God gave all of the angels a test to see who would stay faithful and who would not. Lucifer, of his free will, decided to separate himself from God, and he persuaded about a third of all the other angels in Heaven to rebel and to rise up against the Lord with him.

Once Lucifer, in his pride and jealousy, was cast out of Heaven, this fallen angel lost all the light, peace, joy, and goodness that he had.  When he was cast down from Heaven, he became empty, void of everything that is Heaven, beauty, goodness, love, and more. In the vacant space where virtue once dwelt, he now had hate, rage, pain, revenge and evil. He does not want to be in Hell alone so he is going to tempt us. He uses all of his intellect and deceit to inflict and poison us with his evils. It pleases him most when we believe his lies, especially if we sin and rebel against God the same way that he did. He delights even more if we stay in a place of shame and do not confess our sins or ask for God’s forgiveness.

That is the origin of evil. We call him the Devil, Lucifer, or Satan, and if you have ever seen The Exorcist or another story where someone gets possessed by the Devil, then you have an idea of what that evil looks like.

  Question #3: If a man or a woman is raped, does it count against them as sex before marriage?

The answer, of course, is no. Why? We know that sex before marriage is one of the biggest sins against God. In fact, in the Bible, God considers it on par with murder and idolatry. Not because it is “bad,” in fact, just the opposite! Sex is beautiful, holy, and something created to be sacred, and it therefore is something that we need to do God’s way.

What the Bible condemns is fornication, which, in simpler terms, is sex outside of the sacrament of marriage. However, rape is completely different because the person does not choose to engage in sex before marriage. If one does not choose to engage in the act, but has it forced upon them, their free will is not involved.  Sin requires a conscious decision.  In the case of rape, the victim is not given a choice, and therefore it is not held against them.

Virginity may be taken from some people, but our true virginity is something that we have to choose to give away. Our sexuality is something that we control. If someone forces themselves into our lives, they steal from us. This is not the same as offering the gift of ourselves freely. Thus, God would not hold it against us, as such horrible acts break His heart. He will count it against the person who commits this, absolutely, but He would never blame the victim.

I have close friends who have been raped and I know people who have been as well. I know they have struggled with it, cried over it, and in time, many have found deep healing in Jesus.  Even complete healing in Jesus. So if you are someone out there who is in this situation, know that you should run to Jesus and not away from Him. He is the healing, the joy, the peace, and the new life you are looking for. If you have been raped, it is not a sin that will be counted against you. If you were drunk, drunkenness would be a sin held against you.

Anyone who really loves you, especially if they call themselves a Christian, would never hold it against you either.  Look for a person who is interested in your healing, and in your future.

Question #4: Can we receive Communion in other Christian churches that are not Catholic?

This is a great question! The answer is that we are not allowed to receive Communion in other churches! We are only allowed to receive Communion in the Catholic Church, and possible the Orthodox church. Although there was a schism, they still hold forth the tenets that we as Catholics believe and they have valid Sacraments.

Let’s say you go to Hillsong, the Baptist church down the street, a Pentecostal church, a church of Mormon, or a Jehovah’s Witness church – we cannot receive Communion there. First and foremost, they do not have the real Eucharist. The body and blood of Christ is found in the Catholic Church because Jesus gave himself to us in the sacrament at the Last Supper. He was very clear that when we eat the bread or drink the cup, we partake of His body and blood.

Protestant churches and other Christian churches believe that Communion is only an act of fellowship. Most do not believe it is truly the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus. They consider it more of a symbolic act commemorating the Last Supper, the Passion and its promised redemption. Even if they they do claim to believe that it is Jesus, this does not make it so. These churches do not have valid priests, and therefore, do not have the authority to consecrate a host to make it the true Eucharist, or truly Jesus.

The fullness of Communion and sacramental grace is in the Catholic Church. That is why we are allowed to receive the Eucharist in the Catholic Church but not partake in communion services in other churches.  We do not want to give a false witness or scandal saying, “Oh it’s okay” or “All churches are the same,” or, “we all just worship Jesus, it’s just different.”

It simply is not true.  The Catholic Church and the Catholic Church alone was founded by Jesus. The same is true in reverse.  Unless a person is a Catholic in good standing, they should not come forward to receive during Mass.  Because our Church is the true Church, if people want to receive the Catholic Eucharist, they must be part of it. Just like in the Bible. In order to partake of the fruits of the covenant, you had to be part of the covenant, part of the Jewish religion. If not, you are considered on the outside. It is the same with the New Testament, and being part of the covenant, or the church, that Jesus started.

If you would like to receive communion in the Catholic Church, I would invite you to consider becoming Catholic. In fact, I made a whole video on this topic. It’s my first video I ever made, and it’s terrible quality. I need to remake it, but it’s there if you want to see it.

Question #5: Why did Hitler kill so many people?

That is a very fascinating question. It’s because he believed in what is called eugenics, or the search for the master race. Eugenics is about trying to help humans speed up the evolution process by becoming bigger, stronger, faster, more pure and more perfect. How did he plan to do that?

The thought was that by ridding the world, and specifically Germany, of what he considered inferior races, he could breed the strong and could build a perfect race. Kind of like breeding thoroughbred horses or dogs. Owners want to breed them only if they are pure bred, so there aren’t any inferior genetics mixed in.  This produces the best horses that have the best chance at becoming champion racers.

Hitler applied the same philosophy with humans. Of course, antisemitism was all the rage at that time, and Jews (among other races) were seen as the most inferior race. Consequently, Hitler sought to eradicate them.

What you may not know is that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, also believed in eugenics.  She was a Eugenist. Most people do not realize this, but Hitler and Sanger learned eugenics from the same people in England. They both had the same people working for them.

We have dedicated two full articles on this topic if you are interested in more information. (Part one can be found here, and part two is here.)

The bottom line is that Hitler and Sanger both desired a perfect master race. Hitler carried out his plan for ridding society of what he considered to be the weak and racially inferior by euthanizing hundreds of thousands of people in horrifying ways. He targeted people who were alcoholics, those with diseases, people who were weak and feeble, and those who in his eyes were less than human.

Here is the one small difference between the two; Margaret Sanger did not believe in such “brutish methods” of mass scale ethnic cleansing. She believed in what she termed was a more “civilized” method of eliminating those she considered undesirable and unfit. Her method of elimination was through birth control and easy access to contraception.

Sanger only wanted people who were strong, fit, and well off to breed. She felt that only the wealthy members of society with healthy genes should procreate and pass on their genes. Conversely, her goal was to prevent (through birth control) people from breeding who were poor, feeble, and in her words, “stupid, moronic, and dumb.” (See our articles for more full quotes.) These “idiotic” people, and the ones who had diseases, or were alcoholics, pretty much anyone who had any strand of “deficiency” in them, were to be eradicated. They should not be allowed to bring children into the world.

So, back to the original question, the bottom line is that Hitler wanted a master race. There have, unfortunately, been many eugenicists including Thomas Malthus in England and others who have wanted a master race and who have applied Darwin’s principles of “Survival of the Fittest” to the human race. Keep the fit, get rid of the rest. That is what Hitler wanted to do and he tried to do it on a wide scale. Jews were a primary target as they were seen as less than human; however, Hitler killed one million Catholics as well.

As Catholics, we are called to see the human dignity in all people and to protect the weakest among us. We are pro life from conception to natural death. That comes from the Lord of all, Jesus Christ.

I hope these answers were helpful and that you enjoyed them. If you have any more questions, let us know, and don’t forget to check out our other articles answering more of your questions, or if you prefer, our YouTube channel.

Know the truth, it will set you free (Jn. 8:32).