We are living in a time of great confusion, corruption, and loss of faith. Atheism, skepticism, and cynicism are on the rise, and many people are hurting, broken, and have fallen away from God. We are in dire need of Truth! God has given us that truth through His Son Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. We exist to be a beacon of light in this present darkness, a clear voice of reason in this age of confusion, and a leader in forming and inspiring Catholics.


Catholic Truth is a non-profit ministry dedicated to proclaiming the one truth of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. Through apologetics, spirituality, media and ministry, our goal is to help Catholics to know, love and live their faith with purpose and passion, to be set on fire by it and to be transformed by our Lord Jesus Christ. We also seek to draw non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics back to the fullness of truth.


Catholic Truth is unapologetically Catholic and 100% faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We are a trusted resource for Catholics and those seeking. Anyone, from anywhere, from any religion can come here to discover exactly what the Catholic Church teaches, and why, and how this truth can transform our lives. We exist to accompany Catholics on their journey of faith, helping them to truly grow both spiritually and personally, and to find transformation and fulfillment in Christ Jesus our Lord. We pledge to defend our faith with clarity and charity and teach others to do so.