I saw a TV commercial the other day which said, “Right now, an animal is being beaten.  Right now, animals are being put in cages…” The commercial went on to inform us that we need to protect innocent animals who are being harmed and mistreated.  This is not bad, but every time I hear this commercial, it unnerves me to no end!

There is so much preoccupation, and even an obsession, with protecting animals, trees, seals, whales, the ozone and the environment.  But where is the outrage over innocent human beings who are being slaughtered by the millions in legalized abortion?  Many people want to protect animals and nature but are simultaneously OK with the abuse and murder of innocent little humans.  Or, they are at least open to letting a woman choose whether or not she wants to kill her baby.

We need a wake-up call.  Maybe there should be a commercial which states; “Right now, over 4000 innocent human beings every day have their chance to life taken away from them through abortion.  Right now, over 4000 babies a day, over 1 million every year, die by abortion (by drugs, or by having their heads punctured with scissors so their brains can be sucked out with a tiny vacuum, or by having their tiny limbs ripped off, or by saline being injected into the woman to burns the baby’s outer layer of skin and poison the child to death, etc. What will you do to help them?”  ::End Commercial::  (http://www.lifesitenews.com/abortiontypes/)

(BTW:  For those who are curious or don’t believe the above graphic nature of abortion, I have attached some pictures to the end of this post.  You have to scroll down a ways to get them because not everyone will care to see them, and I want to respect that).

THIS is abuse!  This should be fought against with passion.  It’s inhumane!  What normal woman (or man for that matter) could support such abuse?  Tell me what’s worse; beating a dog or ripping the arms and legs off a tiny, helpless child in the womb (who does feel all the pain, by the way)?  What’s worse; putting an animal “in a cage,” or never letting a human baby leave their cage to see the light of day?  What hypocrisy!

Humans are infinitely more valuable than animals.  Of course protecting animals and the environment is important, but we need to protect our own species first, and even more so.  As fellow human beings, we need to work hard to protect those humans who are abused, even and especially the smallest of us, the baby in the mother’s womb.

From an evolutionary, non-religious viewpoint, humans are animals.  If we don’t stand up for animals of the human species and major abuses that are taking place, all the while yelling for “animals rights” and for “protecting animals,” then this is major hypocrisy – or we have been deceived!

This reminds me of a conversation I had on a street corner with a young woman who was seeking to help abused animal (a noble cause):

Her:  “Excuse me sir, could you please help us save animals?”

Me: “What do you mean, what are you trying to do?”

Her: “A lot of people abuse and kill animals, and we are trying to stop that and to save them.

Me: (After a moment of thought) “Can I ask you a seemingly random question first?”  Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

::Momentary silence::

Her:  “Ummm…. well… I’m personally pro-life, but I don’t think we should tell women what to do with their own bodies.”

Me:  “Well, to me, all human life is incredibly important, so when you start working to save the lives of human beings being abused and killed, I will help you in saving the lives of abused animals.

The young lady’s mouth dropped as she stood there dumfounded thinking over the irony.  Maybe I should have, but I wanted to say, “Well, I am personally pro-animal and not for abusing and killing them, but I don’t think that we should tell other people what to do with their own animals in their own home.  It’s their choice.”

This would have been a verbal atomic bomb because the irony would be deafening.  Does anyone really think that we should let people do what they want to their own animals?  Or, is there a right and wrong?  How much more for humans?  Do we really think that humans should have the choice to kill their own baby?  Where is the humanity?

I saw a comic strip once of a dog, a cat, and a whale all talking to a small baby.  The dog says to the child; “You mean you don’t have a Humane Society to protect you?

I’m all for saving the animals, but not before saving our own species!  As compassionate human beings, we should work against abuse in all of its forms, not just animal abuse, but human abuse too.  Over 4000 tiny, innocent babies are going to die today and be thrown away.  The same amount will be killed tomorrow.  And the next day…  We have wiped out more humans than Adolph Hitler ever did.  Where is the outrage?

These children cannot speak up for themselves, will we choose to stand up for them?


**You may be interested in Bernard Nathanson’s story.  He was a staunchly pro-abortion doctor who performed himself over 60,000 abortions and started NARAL.  He is known for his conversion to Catholicism and his video “The Silent Scream” where you see a baby through an ultrasound being aborted.  http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2011/02/2806/

**And, if you have had an abortion, you can find freedom, healing, wholeness, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Countless have already done so.  He is waiting for you to set you free.  You may wish to visit Rachel’s Vinyard for more help. Click here.