Pro choice arguments and pro life answers!

In this series, we are offering pro life answers to pro choice arguments in order to demonstrate that there is no good reason for abortion. These responses are meant to be loving and respectful, but to show why abortion is always wrong. To see all of our answers to the top 15 pro-abortion arguments, click here.

Pro choice argument: “My body, my choice.”

One of the gaping problems with this argument is that it is not a woman’s body. It is her child’s body that they are forcing their opinion on and taking the life from. They are telling the child that it has to die and has no right to live. Or, perhaps a man is forcing a woman to force that decision about their child.

Looked at another way, a woman has her own body, and the child has its own body. They are not the same but separate and distinct. If it was only the woman’s body, then the mother would have four feet, four hands, four arms, two heads, and so on. But she doesn’t.

To make the point here, my wife is pregnant, and we have had several ultrasounds in which we are able to see our baby’s own individual hands and feet and body. We even have ultrasound videos showing our little girl kicking away. Our child has its own individual body, and it’s a different body than the mother’s.

So, in other words, our child is its own individual person, and it’s not our property to kill.

Another point. It’s not really our body anyway. Our bodies have been given to us on loan from God, and He said in Scripture that we will be responsible to Him for how we treat our bodies and what we do with them.

“The immoral man sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you which you have from God and that you are not your own? You were bought with a price: so glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6: 18-20).

So our bodies are not our own. We have been given them by God, and God is the author of all life. And we are told to glorify God in our body, or make right choices. Consequently, we have no right to play God and end another person’s life, born or unborn.


In fact, God says that if we destroy His temple (our body through sin), then He will destroy us. It is one of the harshest words in Scripture, but that is the reality.

At this point, someone might object again saying, “OK, maybe a baby is its own person with its own body, but it is still in the woman, and the woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her own body. We cannot tell a woman what to do with her body.”

That is the topic of our next article! Thanks for reading!

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