People often wonder what the best Catholic books are: books to learn your faith, or the best books on love and relationships, or the best books on Catholic apologetics, and so on.

So get ready! In this article, we are going to offer our top Catholic books for beginners recommendations to help you learn your faith more and to find more inspiration and clarity.

This is a beginners guide to learning your faith but are helpful for most anyone. For example, the first book is just great if you have a lot of questions, encounter people who attack your faith, or just want to know more. However, it is also a fantastic resource for seasoned Christians for learning how to explain your faith and reach others who have fallen away.

You can also check out our YouTube video on this topic if you would rather! OK, let’s get on with it!

Book 1: Why Do You Believe in God?

The first book that we highly recommend is called, Why Do You Believe in God? This book contains 15 real (not made-up) Catholic conversations with atheists, skeptics, and those who have fallen away from faith. It’s the perfect real-life book because one is able to hear arguments from both sides and then see why the Christian theist side is stronger.

Many people have praised how much information this book contains, and yet it is so easy to understand. It offers simple, logical, and straightforward explanations for those deep questions of faith like the existence of God, evidence for Jesus and the Bible, the Crusades, science and religion, evolution, our purpose in life, why God allows suffering, and much more.

These are common questions people have or ask. It’s a great place to start if you are a beginner, have questions, or just want to learn more about God. with that being said, it is also a great resource for those who are more advanced in faith to help them learn practical street apologetics and evangelization. You will hear answers and arguments that work and see why they work. This book also offers pro-tips for reaching friends, family, and those who have fallen away. Highly recommended!

Book #2: Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?

The next book is called Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons? by Matthew Pinto. It’s a good question, isn’t it? Did they? Belly buttons come from the umbilical cord, but since Adam and Eve didn’t have parents, would they have belly buttons then?

This book has 200 questions in all that teenagers ask but that everyone is curious about. Adults read this book too and love it. I myself have read this book as an adult a couple of times and have learned a lot. Even just learning how to phrase things when explaining it to others is helpful. I recommend it for sure, but I like the next book by the same author even more.

Book #3: Did Jesus Have a Last Name?

Did Jesus Have a Last Name? And 199 Other Questions That Catholic Teenagers Have, by Matthew Pinto and Jason Everett. This book contains 200 questions on every subject, and if want to learn more about your faith, this is the book for you. If you have a lot of questions, this is the book for you. If your catechesis was poor, this is the book for you.

Again, you do not need to be Catholic and do not need to be a teenager to read this book. Most adults will garner a lot from what they find on it’s pages. There is a ton of information, pretty much everything you would want to know., but it’s very simple and straightforward. It’s a great skeletal outline of what we believe as Catholics, and what we believe about the God, Jesus, the church, sacraments, prayer, Saints, why we use holy water, why statues, bless ourselves, and so much more. The answers are clear and concise, and you can skip around the book for those questions that are of interest to you.

Book #4: “Prove It” Series

Another cool little series is the Prove It series by Amy Welborn. Super small, super simple, super easy to read. Definitely a book for teens and beginners. The first one in the series is Prove It: God. Does God exist? Yes, he does. Here’s why. Here are the reasons.

Amy does not only give you the answers you seek but also how to explain them to others. This book is meant for young people like teenagers and college students. It has a little spice and a little sass in it’s writing style.

Welborn also has a book called, Prove It: Jesus. She gives answers to questions like: How do we know Jesus worked miracles? How do we even know he was real? How do we know he really rose from the dead? Likewise, she has one on the Church, and one on prayer. This whole series is recommended for those just starting out.

#5: Bible Basics for Catholics

One fantastically good and easy book to read is one that Catholics need. It’s called, Bible Basics for Catholics by John Bergsma and Scott Hahn. This is a wonderful introduction to the Bible. Let’s be honest, Catholics do not know the Bible and they should, and it often seems boring and confusing. This book takes you on a whirlwind tour through Scripture to help you understand it and make sense of what you need to know and how it applies to your life. Side perk: It even comes with with cute little pictures and doodles that will make you smile!

The Bible can be really confusing sometimes, and some things just don’t make sense. Honestly, there are some weird stories in the pages of Scripture. How do you make sense of them? This book will definitely teach you how to understand the Bible and have it come alive in your life. If you are looking to learn more about the Bible, then this is the book for you.

Book #6: Beginning Apologetics

Last, but not least, there is a whole series of books called Beginning Apologetics which teach you how to explain your faith on a variety of topics. These books are great for teaching the basics, a nutshell version of certain topics.

These booklets are only about 30 pages long. Some of the topics include: Beginning Apologetics: How to Answer Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. Another one is How to Read the Bible, another one explains the Eucharist, another explains tough moral issues on abortion, euthanasia, contraception. These books are a great way to start learning how to explain and defend your faith.

Get Excited About Your Faith!

If you start learning your faith, you are going to keep going and growing, and trust me; it becomes exciting. Even those of us who grew up Catholic have a lot of gaps in our knowledge. Either our religious education was poor, or maybe we walked away from God, or just didn’t want to ask questions, or perhaps, you asked questions and did not receive good answers. Well, these resources are fantastic and will help you begin your journey! It’s a wonderful and beautiful journey, and I’m speaking from extensive experience. So, get started!

If you are looking for more books to help you learn and defend your faith, or just grow closer to God, check out my videos “Best Apologetics Books” and the “Best Spiritual Books.” We also have a video on the Best Inspirational Catholic Books and other book recommendations coming soon on other topics.

Learn your faith! This is one thing that we need to do, and it’s not optional. We might as well make it interesting! It’s time for us to arise once again, to grow, to live our faith, and to become excited in our faith. It’s time to set our souls on fire with love for Christ and the Holy Spirit.

As God’s creation, were meant to live on fire, in other words, to live with passion! In fact, when Christ came down to Earth, he said, “Oh how I wish that I could light a huge fire, and how I wish that it was already burning.”

No one should sleep their life away on earth, and nobody should sleep their spiritual life away either. If you find religion boring, are coming back to God, rediscovering your faith, or just have a lot of questions, we guarantee you that these books will help transform you. We guarantee that if you read these books and begin to study your faith deeply, your faith will come to LIFE! God will cease being a mere concept and begin to be a real person in your life and things will begin to make great sense!

Feel free to check out our YouTube Channel here which will greatly aid you in your quest for learning the faith and growing in your relationship with God. At Catholic Truth, we want to be here for you. We are here to accompany you on your spiritual journey, to help you grow in your relationship with God, with yourself, with your Church, and in your spiritual life! God bless you.