The Catholic Church has never been against science or scientific progress.  Did you know that the Vatican has one of the oldest and largest scientific observatories in the whole world?  Did you know that the Catholic Church donated more money toward scientific advancement than any other institution throughout the entire Middle Ages?  Did you know that many Catholic priests, popes, and laymen are and have been scientists?  How could all of this be if the Church is (or was) against science?

As stated above, many of the greatest scientists that the world has ever known were Catholic: Louis Pasture, Blaise Pascal, Copernicus, Albertus Magnus, Fr. Roger Bacon, Fr. Boskovich, George Mendel, Fr. George Lemaitre, and many more.  In fact, it was Fr. George Lamaitre, a Catholic priest, who discovered and outlined the theory of the Big Bang.

Most people don’t realize that 35 craters on the moon are named after Catholic priests.   This is because the Church dominated the science of astronomy throughout the Middle Ages, so much so, that craters of the moon are named after them and their extraordinary accomplishments.  What were they doing practicing astronomy if they were against science?

The Catholic Church also invented the university system, and science was a required course of study.  Why would that be if the Church was threatened by science?  So, it’s a myth that the Catholic Church is (or has ever been) against science.  The truth is that the Catholic Church studied, funded, and furthered the cause of scientific advancement throughout her vast history.

Galileo is the one case in 2000 years of history people point to in order to bolster their claim.  One case!  Even in this one very misunderstood case, the Church was not against science, threatened by science, or trying to impede scientific progress.  Don’t believe it?  Check out my new book on the tab above.  It goes into detail about Galileo, the Church and science.