This is a part 2 article on answering Mike Gendron statements and arguments that he raised during a debate with Bryan Mercier. In Part 1, we discussed statements around the protestant doctrine of Once saved, always saved. Let’s explore additional arguments he made.

Mike Gendron’s statement 6:  How can those God predestined to be glorified, not be glorified? 

The next one, because this has gone on so long, we are going to take two questions and kind of blend them together. It says, how can those who God has predestined to be glorified, not be glorified? How can proof of God’s unconditional love? Be invalidated in both of these passages. He quotes Romans chapter 8 :29 to 39.

Again, eternal security is nowhere to be find found on the mind of Paul. Paul is talking about God’s unconditional love. That is what is being talked about here. He unconditional love for us, and it is unconditional. It is not changing. It is not fickle. Ours is changing. Ours is fickle. We do not always remain faithful, and that is where the problem lies.

God has destined us for heaven. He is predestined everyone to go to heaven. He wants everyone to go to heaven. The Bible says:” Jesus died. That all could be saved”. God wants all men to be saved, but we know that all are not because while He wants everyone to go to heaven, not everyone accepts this gift, unfortunately!

Now, this is the passage where it says that neither. Height or depth or life or breath or any of these things will separate us from the love of God. And so, Mike and others will say: “Well see, nothing can separate us from the love of God.” That is what it says. I mean, the Bible is clear that nothing can separate us from the love of God, which in some ways is true.

God will never stop loving us, but that does not mean we cannot walk away from him. I know people who have walked away from their families, and they have never come back, and they will not forgive their family, but their family still loves them. The love is still there.  But they have still walked away.

You can have both. God still loves us even when we walk away, and He calls us back to himself because He loves us, and He wants us to come back to himself. But notice what Paul does not say. He all 10 things he mentions, nine out of 10 of them are outside of the person, meaning like, we do not have control over these things: Powers, principalities.

These things cannot take away God’s love for us, and they cannot take us out of God’s hand or cannot take us away from his love, but we can, the devil might not be able to snatch us out of his hand, but he can trick us to freely leave his hand. Can you see the difference? Like the devil has no power to snatch us out of God’s hand.

But he can whisper in our ear like he did to Adam and Eve. He can whisper in our ear like many of the Christians in the New Testament who fell away, and he can try to whisper to them and say:” Hey, come here. Did you think about this? “Or like in first John two,” when they fell away, they went out from us, but they were never of us.”

He is talking about Christians who away to the Gnostic sect because they were deceived. They fell away now; the devil did not snatch them. They left by their own free will. He tempted them, and they chose not to follow Christ. They chose to block out the truth that they knew, and they chose to follow the wrong direction.

Notice Paul does not say neither fornication nor drunkenness, nor idolatry, nor any envy or carousing or any of these things will separate you from the love of God because we have already heard in one.  Corinthians six, nine, that all of these things separate us from the life of God. And Paul specifically says that “those who do these things will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Same thing on Galatians 5: 17, 17 through 22, and in Revelation 21, it says:” those who do these things will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Will not enter the kingdom of heaven”. Every passage, he says this. So, these things sin can separate us from God. He will still love us, but they absolutely separate us from God.

And we have read so many passages that show this and we will read one more here. Matthew 15:19:”. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality. Theft, false testimony, slander. These are what make a man unclean, but eating with unwashed hands does not make him unclean”. So, these are the things that can make us unclean if we do not stay in Christ.

And in the same vein, just two chapters earlier, literally Romans six 12 through 13. Listen to what this says:” Let not sin, therefore reign in your mortal body to make you obey its passions. Do not present your members to sin as instruments for unrighteousness but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life and your members to God as instruments for righteousness.”

Just the fact, even top Protestant scholars acknowledge the fact that Paul warns us so much not to fall away. Not to obey your passions, not to make your mem your sin, your members, your body, members for unrighteousness or instruments for unrighteousness. Just the fact that he warns us that we can do these things and he tells us not to shows that we can.

So, the whole false Calvinist. Protestant, not all Protestants, some Protestants in their theology which say: “Oh! you cannot fall away. It is impossible.” People have told me it is impossible, which literally makes you not have free will. These show that it is possible. Let not therefore sin reign in your body.

What happens if it does? You are cast out; you are cut off. You are returning to your old way of living. You are no longer have a sacrifice of sin for you. Your name can be blotted out of the book of life. All of these things all match up to exactly what these passages are saying. Even First John two, three through four says:” He who says he loves Christ but does not follow His commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in Him.”

You can be saved all you want. But if you do not follow the commandments of Christ and you do not try to stay faithful to him, you are not in relationship with him and you do not remain and abide in him, you are not going to be saved.


Mike Gendron’s statement 7: How can those God delivered from the power of darkness be sent back to darkness? Colossians 1: 13.

The next one, Mike says, comes from Colossians 1: 13, and it says, “how can those that God delivered from the power of darkness be sent back to darkness?” Easy. Mike, the same way all the other ones we have talked about through sin, disobedience, not abiding in him, faithfulness, and returning to our former way of life, apostasy, do I need to name more?

I mean, the Bible talks about all of these, but this is how we go back to darkness. Only if we abide in Christ. He said, only if we stay faithful to him, we have him. But if we return to our former ways of living and we return to darkness, the Bible has been so clear, and it is clear again. He quoted Colossians.

This comes from Galatians one through six. Here is what it says:” Stand fast, therefore, and do not be entangled again. With the yoke of bondage, you have become severed from Christ. You who have attempted to justify the law. You have fallen from grace.” The Greek word there is apostasy “for in Christ. Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything but only faith Working through love.”

 Wow! That is another scary verse. That these Judaizers, these Christians were being tempted by the Judaizers. Remember the devil? “Hey, come here”. The Jewish people are saying, you need circumcision. You cannot be saved without circumcision. And some Christians were leaving Christ to believe them.

And Paul is saying:” do not do that. Do not go”. Why would you do that? Circumcision does not save you. Christ saves you. Do not go back to bondage. Do not go back to slavery. That is what the law was. But some people did. And he says:” you have been severed from Christ, literally cut off like a branch from a tree, like ripping a leaf off of a tree and watching it fall down.”

That is what the Greek word means.  So, Paul is saying that” if we do that, we can be separated from Christ”. That is scary language. Revelation two. Jesus warns us the exact same thing:” Nevertheless, I have this against you that you have left your first love. Remember, therefore, where you have fallen. Same word for apostasy, fallen, repent, and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lambs, stand from its place unless you repent”. The Bible is so clear that we can fall away from Christ, and we cannot be saved unless what we repent. So many Protestants think, oh, once you are good in Christ, once you accept Christ, you are good. You are fine. You are saved. You are all your future sins are forgiven.

No, clearly these people have fallen away from their first love. You cannot be saved unless Jesus is your first love. These people were justified. They were sanctified. He was their first love. They were living for him, and they fell away from it. The word, “picto”, like falling away, apostasy. And we do a deep detailed analysis of this in our debate with Mike, but this is scary.

 He says:” repent and do your first works”, meaning you have stopped living for Christ. And this confirms everything we have been saying all along in that entire long video, which Mike wanted me to do in five minutes. I cannot even say with a straight face. Mike asked me all these questions in five minutes.

It is a joke! But we are happy to answer his questions here! So, in Galatians five it says:” they have fallen from grace,” they have been severed from Christ, and the only thing that matters is faith, working through love, not circumcision. And also, Jesus says: “You have fallen away from your first love, and you are going to die if you do not repent.”

I mean, that is really, really scary! So, the Bible is clear that how do you return to darkness according to Mike by going back and falling away from Christ. Going back to sin unfaithfulness, not living for him anymore, being disobedient, not abiding in him, and so on. And this next one is similar to this part on circumcision.


Mike Gendron’s statement 8: How can those who have been made complete and Christ become incomplete? 

But this is a faulty question because the Bible does not say” We are complete as imperfect.” There is nothing else we need to do because of course we still need to be sanctified. We are not perfect, and that is why we need to be sanctified again, if we read the context of what he is talking about, he is not talking about eternal security.

He is talking to the Christians and telling them not to go backwards and accept circumcision, not to go backwards and live like Jews because then they are becoming imperfect by accepting circumcision, Jesus Christ in his sacrifice is perfect. That is the perfection, that is being talked about here. Going backwards and receiving circumcision, you are becoming imperfect again, and you are going to have to rely on the law again.

You are going back to an imperfect covenant. Whereas right now we have a perfect covenant with a perfect savior. It is not saying we are perfect, and that is the misconception that Calvinists have. And again, if you read the pass, the context of this passage, Colossians 2:9-12 and even verse 18, it literally debunks the very argument Mike is trying to make here because it is saying that” we are not perfect.”

We can be deceived; we can fall away. We can go back to receiving human traditions. What is the human tradition being talked about here? Circumcision. Listen to what it says:” See that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit according to human tradition. According to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ. Let no one disqualify you insisting on asceticism and worship. Of angels going on in detail about visions,” et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. The bottom line is Paul is saying that some people are teaching false doctrines, like worship of angels, visions, false asceticism, human traditions and philosophies like false visions, circumcision, and different things like that.

These things are deceiving. Christians and Christians are buying into them, and Paul is saying:” do not”, because if you go backwards, you do not no longer have Christ, if you do not have true doctrine. You do not longer any longer have Christ. Some people say:” you just need Jesus. Not doctrine.” No. If you do not have proper doctrine, if you do not have the true teachings of Christ, you do not have Christ either.

That is why this is so important. So how can we made be made complete and then be made incomplete? The context answers this for us by subscribing to these empty philosophies, these faults, teachings, and departing from Christ. Really. And for this last one, we are going to read three of them because the video is so long, and you can see how dishonest it was for Mike to ask these questions with five minutes to respond.


Mike Gendron’s statement 9: How can those who are saved without human effort, now be lost because of human effort? How can any man undo a sovereign act of almighty God? 

He says: “How can those who are saved with human, without human effort or merit be condemned again because of demerit or failure?” I think we have answered that sufficiently. Failure, failing to live in Christ. Disobedience, apostasy falling from grace, not abiding in him, being cast out. I mean, Mike, the Bible is so clear. Please open your eyes. I truly implore you to open your heart. Let go of your bitterness and really open up to the truth of Christ in this.

And then he says: “How can God who is holy and cannot lie, break his own promises?” He cannot. And He does not. But some people are attributing promises to Christ that He never made. They are reading into the Bible things that Christ never said, and that is the problem. They are lies the problem.  and he quotes, Titus one, two there, which says that “we can have eternal life in God.”

But it does not say we have it now and we cannot lose it. It just says that” God gives us eternal life and he has prepared us for it”. And so, like when we die, we can have eternal life. We agree, Mike, but it does not say that” it is now, and we cannot lose it”. The final one he says is,” how can man undo a sovereign act of almighty God?” John 1: 12, through 13.

We are not undoing an act of almighty God. I mean in some sense we are choosing to walk away. God saved us. God redeemed us. God sanctified us. God gave us a way to be saved free from sin. But if we choose to return to that, that is not God’s fault. That is ours. We are choosing to fall away.

That is not. God’s faithful from his end, but we are not faithful from our end. Let me go back to Revelation two again. Remember I talked about falling away, and if you do not repent, God is going to wipe you out. Well listen to what else Revelation two says, verses 19 through 26:” I know your works, your love and faith. Service patient endurance and that your latter works exceed your first”.

So, this church that he is talking to is doing good. They are doing good works and more than before,” but I have this against you that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, and I am going to go on who is seducing my servants who practice sexual immorality and eat foods sacrificed to idols.

Those who commit adultery with her, I will throw into the great tribulation unless they repent of their works, and I will strike her children dead. I will give each of you according to your work, so be faithful. Until death and I will give you the crown of life.”

 Mike, the Bible cannot be clearer. It is so clear, Mike.” Be faithful until the end and I will give you a crown of life”. It does not say you already have the crown of life. It does not say that you cannot lose the crown of life. It does not say there is nothing you can do. You are good forever. The Bible literally contradicts everything you are saying.

Mike, pray that you give up this false theology that you have had for so long, and I know that is a huge step in your life. And for any Calvinist who might be holding this, please notice that it says that” these were Christians”. Jesus is talking to Christian churches in the Book of Revelation, and some of them have gone away to idolatry and going back to Judaism, others have gone into sexual works and things like that.

And Jesus says: “I am going to reward you and give to you each according to your works”. Meaning if you do good and you stay faithful, I will give you the crown of eternal life. But if you do not stay faithful and you become disobedient again, you lose all that and you are going to receive damnation, as Jesus said in John 15,” you are going to be cast out and thrown into the fire.”

And this is exactly what Romans 11 that we quoted earlier says, note the kindness and severity to of God, kindness to you. Provided that you continue in his kindness. Otherwise, you too will be cut off. Cut off just as the Jews were. And what happened to the Jews nation? Jesus said in Matthew 23: “Hell to them because they were cut off and they rejected him.”

And if we return to disobedience in Bible, disobedience means no faith. It means you have lost faith. And if you have lost faith and you have disobedience, it means you are going to be lost and cast out as well. How can we remedy that repentance? That is why Jesus says repent and do the works you first did, meaning do not just repent and come back to me. But live the life as well. Give up your sin, give up your lifestyle.” Walk in the spirit”. As Paul says, if you walk in the spirit, you will not gratify the flesh. The flesh and the spirit are at war with each other. If we feed the flesh, the more we are going to go down that path and it is going to lead us away from Christ.

But if we are in Christ, then we need to feed the spirit. We need to pray. We need to confess our sins. We need to walk with him. We need to read scripture and meditate at it. Tate on it. We need to let it fill our minds and hearts and sanctify us. And if we do these things, we will stay faithful to Christ.

But the Bible is so uber clear that you are not once and for all saved. Eternal security is a manmade tradition that it was invented in the 17 hundred. And even Protestants admit that. And the Bible is so clear that you can lose your salvation. You are not once and for always saved. And this is the unanimous consent of Christians down through the ages.

So here it is, I had to address all of these questions that he asked me. I hope that they were helpful for you, whether you are Catholic or non-Catholic. I hope that you can see the many problems here with the questions that he asked, the many fallacious understandings that he had regarding Scripture in his preconceived Calvinist theology, even though he does not claim to be a Calvinist, he claims to just go by the Bible. But Calvin was the first one to teach these things. That is why we call them Calvinists. But we hope these have helped to clear up any misconceptions you may have had or misunderstandings of these passages or maybe you are bombarded by once saved, always saved, evangelicals or Calvinists, who tell you that you have to be saved and you can be eternal, secure. And if you do not know you are saved, then you do not, you are not saved. And all of these things, you can use these verses to defend your faith, to show your faith and if they have been helpful for you.

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