Do you have a hot body? If so, your odds of finding true love are very good! If not, what are you doing to rectify the problem? Perhaps a diet, exercise, a surgery or two? After all, you’re not lovable unless your body is hot and looks as flawless as possible.

This is the billboard message that our culture bombards us with today—and obsessively I might add! Movies, television, and popular magazines are all guilty of promoting this message. Notice, our culture never gives you the option of loving and accepting the body that you already have. They don’t ask you whether your body is healthy or unhealthy. They don’t bother inquiring as to whether your heart and spirit are beautiful or what kind of a person you are. Rather, they lower the bar to the shallowest possible rung.

How many Hollywood celebrities have worked to make their bodies flawless, and yet, have been divorced multiple times? The real truth is, having a nice body is not what cultivates true love or fosters lasting happiness. Other far more important things are needed and should be held in higher esteem. We shouldn’t get caught up in the big lie that if we don’t look a certain way, then we are not lovable.

This was brought home to me recently upon leaving a church in New Haven, Connecticut. This parish is a huge and beautiful church. As I descended the flight of steps toward the sidewalk, three blonde haired college girls were passing by. As they all stared examining the church, I heard one of them say, “Wow, what a beautiful church this is!”

My first thought was, “Little do they know.” Yes, the outside of the church was impressive. However, it was nothing compared to the more exquisite beauty inside that I had just experienced (not to mention the ineffable beauty of Christ who dwelled within that church).

It’s the same with us. While someone may (or may not) have a hot body exteriorly, the inside is where the far greater beauty is found. After all, bodies come and go with age, car accidents, health problems, etc. But, the beauty of true love, sincere kindness, joy, faithfulness, heroic virtue, and so much more, all proceed from within—and these are what lasting marriages are built upon. … ….

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