Does God Really Exist?

Proofs for the Existence of God – PART 3

Does God really exist?  Absolutely!  And, one way we can know that God exists is through our intelligence.  We are intelligent beings who recognize ‘intelligence’ when we see it.  For example, let’s say you are walking down the beach and see a heart drawn perfectly into the sand.  Inside the heart it says, “Joe & Sally forever!”  Then, you notice an arrow through the heart along with xoxoxo.  Upon seeing it, would you ever wonder how it got there?  Would your first thought be to consider that this heart was randomly caused by some waves crashing down on it?  Or, would you assert that some lover drew it into the sand?  The answer is easy as pie!

No rational person, including atheists, would even entertain the idea that it was made by waves.  Why?  Because we are intelligent people who recognize ‘intelligence’ when we see it, and we recognize that an intelligent being drew it with their finger.

Likewise, if you were walking through the hills of South Dakota, and suddenly came across four American president’s faces in the side of the mountain (Mount Rushmore), would any atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or anyone at all, naturally assume that these faces were a random occurrence of chance, made over time by rain, wind, and erosion?  Would they even consider it as a possibility?  Of course, not!  Because again, they recognize intelligence when they see it.  It’s obvious that an intelligent person spent much of their life carving these faces out of the side of a mountain.

And, yet many atheists and skeptics believe that the universe, which is immeasurably more vast and complex was just one big accident, a random occurrence of chance. But rational thinking tells us that this view doesn’t make sense.  Logic dictates that it we should hold the same view with the universe.  Just as we know that a heart with words drawn into the sand was no accident, and that four president’s faces in the side of a mountain was not either, all because we who are intelligent recognize the intelligence behind the creation, so we can observe this to be true of the universe which is colossally more complex.   Just as we recognize an intelligent being behind the heart and not just crashing waves, so we recognize a greater being, a greater intelligent Mind, behind all the workings of the universe, and not just a huge cosmic occurrence of random chance.

People claim that you can’t see God, but you can’t see many things that still exist.  You can’t see wind though you know it’s there.  You can only see its effects (i.e. the leaves blowing on the trees). But, you can’t see the wind itself.  You can’t see gravity either.  We know there is gravity because when we jump, we come back down.  However, we cannot prove it scientifically.  We can’t weigh it, touch it, smell it, etc.  It is the same with God.  Even though we can’t see Him, we can see His effects and His intelligence in the universe and know He’s there.  We can observe things working toward an end, mathematical complexity and order throughout the universes.  We observe that the universes follow laws! (Are there laws with no law Giver?)  Also, look at the design of the universe, all the constants, and how everything works together to create life.  What is the one word the universe is speaking to us?  Intelligence!

This is known as the Anthropic Principle, and it points strongly toward God!  The sun rises and sets and happens to heat and illuminate the earth.  Not too much, not too little.  Perfect.  The moon and stars light up the night when the sun goes down.  How convenient!  There are the countless orbiting planets and other bodies all following the laws of gravity, along with stars, galaxies, Solar Systems and the like.  Accident?  Did you know that if Jupiter wasn’t positioned exactly where it is, the earth would have been destroyed by asteroids a long time ago.  Jupiter is preventing us from being annihilated.  Is all of this a big accident?  Or does it speak of Intelligence?

In addition, in order for the universe to exist and for our planet to have life, it must: Be the correct distance from the right kind of star, be in the right part of the right kind of galaxy, have all of the correct elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and many other elements too); it must also have just the right tilt and spinning rate, along with the necessary orbit pattern (oval one and not circular); we must have plate tectonic activity, the right amount of water, a water cycle, volcanoes, and MUCH more.  There has to be just the right amount of matter too.  Not too much, not too little.  The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the nuclear resonance of carbon, and more, all have to be absolutely precise.  Not too much or too little.  Perfect!  Moreover, the amount of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and helium also have to be exact too or everything explodes or implodes.  The point is that all of this cannot be a mere accident.  The enormity of this is no random occurrence of chance.  Rather, it is far more logical and reasonable to assert that it is the product of a rational Mind, an intelligent Being and was designed to be this way.

Anyone who claims that this is all one random occurrence of chance (or trillions of impossible cosmic occurrences of chance) is not being honest with themselves or what we know of the universe.  As intelligent beings we recognize a greater Intelligence behind all of the intelligibility seen in the universe.  Observe at how everything works together toward an end, a purpose.  A blind, purposeless universe would not do such a thing.

Look at a watch, a car, a computer, or buildings, like the ones in the picture above.  How are these made?  Are all the parts tossed across the ground randomly hoping that they then just self-assemble?  For, example, if you take a watch apart piece by piece (over 130 individual parts), and you place all the parts in a box and shake it wildly, if you dump it back out on the ground, would you ever get another self-assembled working watch?  Of course not.  Never.  Complex things just do not work that way.  So, one wonders how, if a watch can’t move or build itself because it’s dead, how could a universe which is dead?  If there is no God, no living Being to create, how does this happen?  The truth is that an intelligent Being is needed and necessary.  Moreover, His fingerprints and intelligibility are seen all over His creation.  Yes, there is a God!

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