“I am becoming Catholic! I grew up with Witchcraft hating Christianity. I went from Satanism to Mormonism and began to have awful demonic attacks and utter despair, Then, I found your channel which has shown me what the devil tried so hard to hide from me: Truth. Light. Love. And Jesus Christ. I have found peace in my heart now because of your ministry. So, thank you! Thank you for everything you do!

“Your Confirmation retreat completely changed my life today! Before the retreat, I didn’t believe in God, but after, I did very deeply. Bryan’s talks were really informative and answered all my questions. I now pray every single day, attend Mass, and even pray at school. This retreat has totally changed the way I think. I have faith now.”

I am a Catholic young adult. I was about to become an atheist when I found your channel. I found one of your videos on science and God, and it was amazing. I binge-watched tons of your videos, and I just wanted to thank you because now I am stronger in my faith than ever before. I go to Mass, young adult groups, retreats, and I feel closer to God than I ever have.

I absolutely love and appreciate your social media posts! I’m a Deacon and have learned so much from you.

I am a Protestant watching your videos and you have my theology crashing down around me. No matter how hard I have tried to prove you wrong in my research, I can’t do it. I have tried to defeat you so hard and cannot do it sir. It is going to be a tough journey for me, but I am making it my life goal now to get back to the church and the sacraments. I’m probably going to lose everything, but I have to do it!

Your Confirmation retreat was the LAST place that I ever wanted to be! I did not believe in God AT ALL! My dad literally had to drag me to the retreat kicking and screaming the whole way to the retreat. Then, you gave an amazing talk about how God just wants to love me completely. In that moment, I was able to open my heart to God and was so real with Him. I can’t explain what happened, but it was so powerful that it changed my life! I now go to Eucharistic adoration every single week and sometimes even bring my friends as well. I am now even discerning RELIGIOUS LIFE! Thank you so much for this change!

I am a Deacon who was invited by Catholic Truth to record a video about my journey from Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Catholic faith. It has over 55,000 views so far. More importantly, it resulted in more than a dozen Jehovah’s Witnesses contacting me showing interest in the Catholic faith. Some of them were from the US, and others were from the UK and Europe. I appreciate what Bryan is doing and believe that he has a calling for some of the more difficult work of evangelization.

I am 11 years old and I watch your YouTube channel despite my family refusing to be religious. Thank you for helping to build up my faith and for answering my big questions.

Catholic Truth, your YouTube channel was part of my conversion to the Catholic Church. I’m a former Jehovah’s Witness. When doing my research, I came across your ministry. Now, I am beginning RCIA this month. Thank you so much for your ministry.

I am a former Muslim who thinks that Catholic Truth does absolutely great work!! You have such great energy, and your messages are so clear, down to earth, truthful and logical. So, keep doing what you are doing and please never stop!!!

Catholic Truth, one ten-minute teaching from you has just changed my life!! If it was not for your work and YouTube channel, I would still be lost in my faith! So, many thanks!

I was an ex-Catholic. I couldn’t accept the Catholic faith. I prayed a LOT and found a Baptist church which I loved! I kept praying and stumbled across your videos. I also read through your comment sections. Long story, short, your videos along with Bishop Barron, played an integral part of bringing me home to the Catholic Church! I resisted Catholicism, but you helped to break down the walls, and I’m so thankful for it! May God grow your ministry!

Your retreat was the best retreat of my life! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience this!! It has definitely changed my life and I can’t wait to continue strengthening and growing my faith!!! Thanks SO much for making a powerful change in my friends lives and mine. The best!

I was the kid who dressed all in black today and did not want to be at the retreat. I was rude to you and your wife. I have major depression, deep scars over my body, have suicidal thoughts, and more. Today, your retreat helped me a lot. I was able to give everything to Jesus, and He took all the bad out of me. My low self-esteem is gone, and I feel completely new! I truly am happy now. Thank you so much for this change in me.

I am Charlotte, currently 14 years old. I am Muslim and wanted to say thank you for the Catholic Truth ministry! It has helped me a ton! Seriously, thanks a million!! I was very curious to learn more about Jesus. I have been able to contact my local parish so I can attend RCIA classes and prepare to receive the first 3 sacraments in April, 2022.

Catholic Truth is the best YouTube channel in the world! It is direct, competent, honest, personable, and full of apologetics! I wish I could somehow copy your channel for the German-speaking area here.

WOW!!!!!! This video speaks EXACTLY to what I’ve been struggling with for sooo long! I’m a Protestant tuning into your channel, and you have helped me SO much! I am interested in learning more! Thank you so much for everything!!!

I wanted to tell you that I am pretty old. I have been around, and I have heard a lot of speakers in my time. But this was the best talk I have ever heard in my life. You are the real deal. You just taught me more in a one hour talk than I have ever learned my whole life! Even though late in life, I’m so excited to go practice these new found spiritual practices. I hope your ministry spreads far and wide.

My dad is a Baptist pastor, and I have spent two years now trying to figure out what I believe. So, many things don’t make sense to me. However, I recently found your YouTube channel, and Catholicism makes a lot of sense! I am looking to ask more questions and learn from you. You have helped me so much already!

Catholic Truth, Thank you for your videos and your help. Since that last email I’ve read the book, Four Witnesses and Four More Witnesses, and had a Zoom call with the former JW Tom you interviewed. Cabeen. I have now gone to midweek Mass 3 times and chatted to a local priest twice. It is primarily thanks to your channel that I’m looking into Catholicism at all. I find it amazing that I’ve been a JW all my life.

I just wanted to say how much I love Catholic Truth. Your work has completely changed my perspective on things. I joined RCIA with my wife, and I wanted to personally thank you for helping us to become Catholic.

Hey Mr. Bryan, it’s Pinky from the Texas retreat you did. I am so thankful that I met you! You gave me a copy of the book you wrote for free, and when I left the retreat, I went home and read the whole book in one night. I LOVED it! It has answered so many of my questions. I’m just starting to become Catholic. My family and I are originally Baptist, but when you spoke with us about our Catholic faith, it inspired me and makes me want to be a part of the Catholic Church even more. I can’t wait to be finished with RCIA so I can full part of my church. Thanks a lot!!

I learned more in this one 4-hour retreat than I have learned in all of my years of religious education and Confirmation. This has taught me so much and has opened up my eyes to so much more than I ever thought. This was fantastic. Thank you!

I am a Protestant pastor praying about leaving my Protestant faith. You do great work at Catholic Truth, please pray for me and for my journey to Catholicism.

As a new Catholic, I find your organization a trusted place for truth and I’m very grateful. I Catholic Truth and the work of Ven. Fulton Sheen helped bring me to the Catholic Church.

I want to thank you so much for your work. I am a Zwingli Protestant coming from a very anti-Catholic family. I was looking into the Catholic Church but was not sure about it. Then, I found your YouTube channel. I watched your videos and fell in love with the Catholic Church. I will now become a Catholic on Jan. 2nd. Thank you and God bless you!

I recently found your Podcast on Spotify. As someone who is returning to Christ and was raised in a Protestant family, your Podcasts have been very informative in learning more about the Catholic faith.

I just became Catholic this past month. I wanted to let you know that Catholic Truth has been a very instrumental role in my conversion. I have learned so much and continue learning what it means to be Catholic and a Christ follower. Thank you all at Catholic Truth!

Bryan, this spiritual retreat changed my life! You were amazing, and everything was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! The whole weekend was so powerful that I really can’t put into words what a change it has made in my life. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

I am 15 years old and last year I converted from a very anti-Catholic denomination. I stumbled across your Catholic Truth Podcast and listened to Bryan disprove and utterly annihilate the Protestant arguments of RC Sproul and John MacArthur. I listened to this episode seven or eight times and the last time I knew the Catholic Church was the True Church of Jesus Christ and I had found my home! Thank you so much!

Your talk on dating and true love was so powerful!! Nobody teaches us young adults these things. I went and bought your CD and listened to it five times. Sooo much good information that I can’t even begin to thank you for everything.

Hello Catholic Truth. I’m 16-years-old and my family converted to Seventh Day Adventist, which believes Catholic is from the devil and the pope is the anti-Christ. After watching several of our YouTube videos, including on Seventh Day Adventists, and after doing more research, I have come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is true and I wish to become Catholic. How can I go about doing that? Thank you.

I just wanted to say how much I love the Catholic Truth organization. Watching Bryan Mercier on YouTube has completely changed my perspective on things. I joined RCIA with my wife, and I wanted to personally thank you for helping us on this path.

You are a huge reason I came back to God. I was talking through your whole speech. You called me out saying, ‘God loves YOU so much and is in love with YOU.’ Then, when the prayer service came, God’s love hit me, and I opened my heart to Him. Your retreat changed me. Now, I live my faith fully and am discerning a vocation to become a nun. Thank you.

Your YouTube videos are like oxygen in this crazy world which suffocates us with lies and secularism. What is really amazing about Catholic Truth is that you take time to respond to all the comments and questions you receive from people. Most other organizations don’t do this. You are reaching and helping so many people. Keep it up!

The retreat today was the best retreat I’ve ever been on. I got so much out of your talks, and the prayer service was very powerful for me. My home is anything but pleasant, but your prayer service helped me to just let go for a while and be with God. I felt him really listening to me and the emotions were overwhelming. This retreat was such a breath of fresh air in my life and I can’t thank you enough for this phenomenal retreat.

I am just writing to tell you that your YouTube channel was part of my conversion to the Catholic Church. I am a former Jehovah’s Witness, and as I was doing my research, I came across Catholic Truth; now I am beginning RCIA this month. I want to thank you for your ministry. God Bless.

I went to confession!! Because of your work. I just love your videos and have learned so much from them. You make everything so simple and easy to understand. You have been so patient in speaking with me and through my doubts and fears. After talking with you through many emails now, I have decided to go back to confession after several decades!! I finally went despite all the fear and it felt amazing! Thank you so much for all of your help and for your counsel!