1).  You shall have no false gods before Me!

  • Is God most important in my life, or do I make other things more important and put them before God? 
  • (Things such as: Job or career, cars, money, popularity, sports, rrelationships, living for ourselves, etc). 
  • Do I pray everyday?  If I do pray, do I do it out of love for God or out of guilt, routine, and just because we have to
  • Do I try my best to follow God everyday, or do I usually forget about Him?

  2).  Don’t take God’s name in vain!

  • Have I taken God’s name in vain? Have I sworn in His name?
  • Do I use God’s name carelessly and/or without respect (For example: “Oh my God,” or “I swear to God,” or “Jesus Christ etc).

3).  You shall keep Holy the Sabbath day.

  • Do I obey God’s commandment to go to Church every Sunday, and Holy days of Obligation? 
  • Do I take sufficient rest on Sunday, the Day of Rest to rest, pray and spend time with meaningful relationships? Or do I work all day Sunday, play sports all day, watch sports all day, or anything else that causes me to forget about God and the Sabbath?

4).  You shall honor your father and mother.

  • Do I honor my parents and love them? Or do I disrespect my parents, disobey them and always give them a hard time?  * If so, why?  Confess the times and ways, and (it can be difficult many times), but try and do your best to respect and obey your parents. Communicate like an adult with them.
  • Do I fail in respecting my brothers and sisters? Am I kind to them?  Or do I hate them, fight with them, or tease them etc.  * If so, confess it and pray to God for the strength to do better.

5).  You shall not steal.

  • Have I stolen anything, big OR small?

6).  You shall not commit adultery.

  • Have I been divorced and remarried? 
  • If I am married, have I been faithful to my spouse? Or, have I cheated on my spouse, or had an affair?  
  • If I am not married, have I saved sex for marriage? Or have I had sex before marriage putting myself and someone else in danger of losing their eternal soul?
  • Jesus said lusting over another person is the same as committing adultery! So, have I lusted over someone and disrespected their dignity as a person? Do I look at porn or certain movies, romance novels etc.? Do I masturbate?
  • Have I practiced homosexuality

7).  You shall not kill.

  • Have I killed someone physically?
  • Have I killed someone spiritually?
  • Have I killed someone emotionally, or verbally, or in other ways by bullying them, beating them down, making fun of them, hazing them, etc.
  • Have I killed my own spirit and/or body through drugs or drunkenness?
  • Have I had an abortion, or encouraged someone else to?

8).  You shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  • Have I gossiped, backstabbed, or lied about anyone?
  • Have I ever lied at all, even “little white lies” which offend God? 

9).  You shall not covet (desire, lust over) your neighbor’s (anyone’s) wife.

  • Have I kept myself pure and chaste? Have I kept control of my sexual passions?  Or have I looked at or lusted over people who are married or who I have no business lusting over? Do I fantasize about anyone in an inappropriate way? 

* Commandments 6 and 9 are big sins that bring people to hell.  These sins can often be mortal.  So, confess them all, and if they are a struggle, talk to a priest or youth group leader about it.

10).  You shall not covet (lust over, desire) your neighbor’s goods.

  • Do I desire and lust over material things such as: money, cars, jewelry, electronics, clothes or anything else?  Am I obsessed with having more, more, more?  More clothes all the time, faster cars, (bigger, better, faster, etc)? 

* If so, think about why.  Why do you make less of God and more of these?  Confess these and pray to God to do better.



1).  Pride:  Am I cocky, arrogant, all about me? Do I look down on others at school, at work, at home, or anywhere else? Do I consider myself better than others? Do I use the gifts God has given me to help others?  Or, am I selfish and only look out for #1? Do I believe I need God’s help or think we are good without Him? Humility realizes our dependence and our need for God, that we are but an ant compared to His divine Majesty.

2).  Greed:  Do I live my life just to please myself?  Do I share my money and possessions with others in need?  Am I constantly not satisfied with what I have already? Do I look for newer, better, and more? Do I have to have better clothes than others, a better sound system, more expensive jewelry?  Do I think more about what I’m gonna get next rather than God?

3).  Sloth:  Am I lazy in life?  Do I avoid doing what I know I need to because I just don’t feel like it? Do I skip prayer and church just because we are tired or don’t feel like it or “too busy?” Do I spend excessive hours watching TV, Netflix, or playing video games?

4).  Gluttony:  Do I overeat or drink too much? Do I eat food, go shopping, or drink just to bury my problems? Do I spoil myself? Do I get drunk? Do I kill my body thorugh smoking or drugs?

5).  Envy:  Am I jealous of others because they are: better looking, better dressed, better at sports, more popular, are dating someone I want to date, have things I don’t?  Do I hate them for these or any other reasons?  Do I gossip about people I don’t like?  Do I wish bad things upon them, or hope they suffer?  Etc.

6).  Lust:  Do I lust over the opposite sex? Do I only seek to fill my desires and passions?  Do I use people sexually?  Why?  Do you abuse people sexually?  Why?  Do I love and have respect for the other sex?  Or, do I just want their body and their sex for my own pleasure?  Do I treat them as a child of God knowing that I will answer to their Heavenly Father?

Have I looked at pornography, masturbated, or told dirty jokes, etc? 

7).  Wrath: Do I hate anyone? Resent anyone? Do I think bad or evil thoughts about others? Do I harbor anger and refuse to forgive anyone? Do I wish to make other people suffer? Do I think about all I could do to get even with others?

These are all poisons that kill the good crops in our soul. We must confess them all.