How to Talk to Rude and Angry Athiests!

Walmart’s store brand is called “Real Good Value.”  While it may be a good value price wise, no one actually thinks it’s good quality?  This is why they must inform us that it’s a “great value.” And, why does a shallow, womanizing company devoid of respectable men have to call itself a “Gentlemen’s Club?”

See, companies put a spin on things in order to sway people’s opinions of them.  People do this too.  For example, famous atheist Richard Dawkins.  He has attempted to sway people’s opinions of both atheists and religion.  Thus, he has labeled himself and all other atheists as “bright,” while calling people of religion stupid, believing that they are gullible and easily led astray.  Of course, this is the same Richard Dawkins who has said that “religion is worse than child abuse.” So, apparently abusing children is better than raising them in religion?

This pompous and self-promoted elitist attitude consumes every area of Richard Dawkins’ life. His sole goal is to destroy religion and faith.  Worse still is that when he speaks at atheist rallies. He actually instructs his cult followers to ridicule Christians for their beliefs out loud and in public. After telling his followers to question Christians about their religious beliefs, he instructs them to say the following; “You really believe that?” How stupid!

It’s interesting that Mr. Dawkins who holds himself as one of the elite intellectuals of our day stoops to such fifth grade tactics – “Na na na na boo boo, you’re so dumb.” What’s worse is that people actually do it without question. Talk about gullible and easily led astray.

Now for someone who considers himself a “Bright” (a very intellectual person), I can’t help wonder; is this an intellectual conversation that he’s having by mocking others? Is it the mark of an intellectual to instruct his followers to engage in this level of discussion? Isn’t this what we do in middle school when we disagree with someone? Isn’t this an unevolved attitude from someone who claims to be more evolved than the rest?

While Mr. Dawkins trains his followers to insult people and to laugh in their face, Jesus Christ instructs His followers to love everyone, even their enemies. So, I speak to all Christians here when I say, DO NOT stoop to the level of Dawkin’s followers. Even if someone comes nose to nose with you and laughs out loud in your face, you humble yourself and say a quick prayer for them to yourself. You may even say to them kindly, “May God bless you my friend.” Then, walk away.

If you feel humiliated, then think of Christ on the cross. He was humiliated too… before the greatest victory of all time. LOVE atheists with a fierce love, especially the meanest and most argumentative ones. Trust me when I say that they need the most love of anyone. The angrier someone is, the more they are crying out to love to us – and without even knowing it.

Don’t stoop to a low level of dialogue. Take the higher, more evolved road. Don’t get sucked into middle school banter. Even if they insult you, SMILE. Love them even more. Feel bad for them they have to act that way! Just because they say you’re stupid for believing what you do, doesn’t mean you actually are. Their opinions are only their opinions, and in this case, their opinions happen to be wrong. So, NEVER call names. Never be sarcastic. Never get angry. Never insult them or their arguments. Never go down to their level. Take the more mature approach, and let them remain unevolved intellectually and emotionally if they choose to.

There are many good logical, well-thought-out reasons for believing in God. Neither Dawkins, nor any of his cohorts have taken the time to find out what they are. Nor, do they have any clue whatsoever what Christians believe or why.  They only offer caricatures of what Christians believe. That is why even fellow atheists have called out Dawkins and his “knee-jerk, reactionary tactics.”  Obviously, not all atheists, or even most, are like this, but many are. These are known as the “New Atheists,” branded by their desire to destroy religion.

So, study your own faith. Make sure you understand what you believe and why. Be prepared to give a defense of it. Then, feel free to engage in dialogue with atheists if you choose. But, do so the Christian way – with great love and charity, humility and meekness. Don’t embarrass or give a bad name to Jesus Christ or the rest of us Christians by the way you talk and act. Don’t give them any opportunity to say, “See you’re not a Christian. You say you follow Jesus but don’t act like it.”

If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know, I’ll go look it up.” And, remember, people often become atheist for emotional reasons (they were hurt, abused, don’t want to follow rules, etc). One must feel bad for most atheists rather than being angry at them. Remember too that any atheist can convert any time, and many of the most obstinate and stubborn atheists have. One of many examples is the most notorious Atheist in the world, Antony Flew, who after decades of arguing fiercely against God’s existence, came to believe – not for emotional reasons – but based off the evidence. If he can change, anyone can. Look up the many atheists who have become Christian and see how happy and complete their lives are!