Many people have witnessed the disgusting scandals that rocked the Catholic Church along with the corruption that is more than evident today. Many people falsely conclude that since corruption exists, the Catholic Church cannot be the true Church of Jesus Christ. However, both Jesus and the Bible disagree.

In fact, Jesus taught that there would be bad people in His Church. Paul taught that there would be corruption as well, even in the hierarchy. In fact, Jesus said that despite the devil attacking the Church, it will exist until the end of time, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Mt. 16:19).

1 Tim. 3:15 states that the Church is the pillar of truth. Thus, as we are about to see, just because there are bad (or even evil) people within the Church, it does not follow that the Church itself is false or untrue.

We have to remember that the devil lives to attack the Church and destroy God’s people. Let us look at Jesus’ own words in the parable of the weeds and wheat. In Matthew 13:24-30, we read about the parable of the weeds and the wheat. It says that a man sowed good wheat in his field. This man is Jesus. But while the men he put in charge of his field were sleeping (it doesn’t say that it was at night), an enemy came in and sowed weeds among the wheat so that the weeds and the wheat grew together.

When the men in charge saw what had happened, they went to the owner who replied that an enemy had come in on their watch and did this. The men turned to the master and asked if they should uproot the weeds. The master said no, reminding them that if they remove the weeds, they may inadvertently pull up the wheat with it.

He then commanded the workers to let both grow side by side until harvest where they will be separated. One will be gathered into a barn and the weeds will be gathered and burned.

Many scholars understand that in this passage, the weeds being spoken about are called Darnel, which is a poisonous type of weed which looks exactly like wheat in the beginning. However, as they both come to fruition, there becomes a clear and overt distinction between the two.

That is why the master in this parable commands them to wait until harvest when all will be made right. The wheat will be kept and utilized while the weeds will be burned.

Here is the message that Jesus is teachings us. There will always be good and bad people in the Church. The devil attacks our holy church from without and from within, and while the Church is holy, some of the people in it are not. Sometimes we choose evil or choose not to do God’s will.

Moreover, just as the master put people in charge of the fields to guard them and bring them to fruition, so Jesus appointed leaders to guide and protect the Church. Unfortunately, just as the appointed men in the parable fell asleep and allowed evil to enter, people in the Church at different times in history became lazy and allowed evil to come into their own lives and into the life of the Church.

Through many, many periods of the Church, leaders have successfully fought off the evil, and at other times, like in our modern era, we have allowed evil to infiltrate into the Church. There is corruption even up to the highest levels in our Church currently. Naturally, evil always invites more evil in.

While we should work hard to remove the evils, the point of Jesus’ parable is that, first, we should be holy and vigilant ourselves, and second, that there is always going to be some evil in the Church until the end of time.

In the end, at Judgement Day, the good and the bad will be separated, the former meriting their eternal reward while the latter will merit eternal damnation and hell. Just as the weeds will be gathered and burned, so will those people who choose evil and do not follow Christ, and this includes clergy who will occupy the lowest and most fiery parts of hell for their disobedience.

Part of the problem is that evil was let in on a large scale in the 1970s and we have been feeling the reverberations ever since. We are the ones who now need to strive to be holy, vigilant, and take back the Church. Too many clergy today are apathetic while evil runs rampant.

Bishops are more likely it seems to discipline good priests while ignoring the evil ones. Before condemning others, we have to look at the war happening within us as well. The war for our souls, mortal sin, and the charge Christ gave us to be holy.

The devil attacks us with addictions of all kinds, from pornography, to sex outside of marriage, to contraception, drugs, alcohol, worshiping our work or career, gossip, inordinate amounts of entertainment, and so much more.

Do you know why the saints reflect the truth? Because they were holy. Do you know why Martin Luther did not reform the church? Because he was not holy. He let his inner demons get the best of him.

He had a temper, drank, was a womanizer, and had major scrupulosity. He had good intentions, but he was not the man for the job. When he witnessed corruption, it made him angry and bitter and ultimately, laden with many ill mental health conditions.

Conversely, saints like St. Francis de Sales (who we have a whole video on, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross and many others ran into the same corruption and problems that Luther did. However, because of their holiness of life, they changed the world around them. They did not get angry or grow bitter or constantly focus their lives on everything negative.

Instead, they prayed more, fasted, did penance, and let God work through them. Ultimately, they ended up reforming the Church after the Protestant revolt. St. Francis de Sales alone converted 60,000 Calvinists back to Catholicism because that’s how powerfully holy his life was. 60,000!!

There are too many weeds in the clergy, in the hierarchy, and even in the Curia. It’s frustrating and aggravating to witness people who have sworn to serve God and have chose instead to appear like they live for God all the while serving Satan and the Master of puppets. They are indeed who St. Paul talks about, wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are weeds who look like wheat, but this poisonous Darnel weed referred to in the Bible hurts and destroys the wheat around it as much as possible.

Are we holy? Are we shining Christ’s light into the world?

We must always remember that Christ, not a man, is the head of our Church. Consequently, we should never leave the Church because of a man, or woman, or people in general who fail to (or choose not to) live the faith. The Church is not identified by the people who don’t live their faith and fail to, but by those who do.

These people’s failures and/or evils do not make the Church itself evil. Jesus said He would guide His Church for all time and that is in spite of any and all evils. We have successfully weathered storms in the church before and we can again today.

There are millions of Catholics who love Jesus every day, who seek live their faith and who follow His teachings. They work at hospitals, combat drug and child trafficking, seek to save the unborn, work with the poorest of the poor, and strive to make the world a better place.

Pray for our Church. Pray for our clergy. Pray that the good ones may have the courage to stand up and follow Christ, to be strong, and live out the charge that Christ gave them without compromise. Also pray for the fakes, the cowards, the failures, and those who have sold out to evil. They need our love and they need conversion before it’s too late.

Remember that St. Paul was a murderer before becoming a Christian, and Jesus made him one of the greatest apostles. Remember Judas was a liar, a thief, and a betrayer all while being a disciple. Peter betrayed Christ. King David committed adultery and killed a man and was still the king who had authority from God. The list goes on.

There have been bad popes in history and there probably will be again, but this should not affect our faith. Everyone will answer for their choices and actions on Judgement Day, and we will answer for how we followed Christ too.

If we reach Judgment Day and God states, “Why did you leave the Church? Why didn’t you receive the supreme gift I gave you in the Eucharist?”

You may reply, “Lord, there were too many hypocrites in Church. Bad people my Lord.”

God may respond; “What does that have to do with you and me? Why did you let them affect your faith? On Judgment Day, it’s going to be between you and God, no one else. Jesus said that unless you receive his flesh and blood in the Eucharist you have no life in you.

Don’t leave the faith. Don’t leave the Church. The Church is the body of Christ, and we cannot leave the body without leaving Christ, the head of the church.

Just like the Darnel weed is a poisonous one, some people in the church are too. This does not just apply to the Catholic Church but to Protestants as well. They are also found in the Mormon church, Jehovah Witnesses, secular organizations, everywhere. There’s poison everywhere because that’s how the devil works.

Yet, Jesus started the Catholic Church with the fullness of truth and the promise to guide us faithfully into all truth. It has the holy saints, the Eucharist and the Sacraments, and blessed assurance that the Gates of Hell will not prevail.

Our prayer is that you and I will be the salt of the earth, and I pray that you will be wheat. And please pray that I will be too. Thank you so much. God bless.