This is part II of our series of articles debunking the claim that the Catholics radical traditionalists or “Rad Trads” are making: That Lucifer is in fact enthroned in the Vatican. These Rad Trads mainly belong to little sects such as SSPX and Sedevacantists. In Part I, we have argued against 4 of the references that they mention, such as the apparition of our Lady of LaSalette, the exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth testimony and the Church being in apostasy now. In this part II, we will finish by debunking the claims of the ex-priest Malachi Martin and the fact that most bishops are part of the Freemasons!


5. The next section is on Malachi Martin, who is a very interesting and sensational person who claims to be an insider in the Vatican. He claims a lot of things and many of the things he says might be true, but many of the other things are very sensationalized and some things are absolutely not true, or are out of context, and we will give examples of that. But the point is, he has very sensational material, which makes it hard to believe everything he says, making it another dubious source, especially dubious, considering the fact that he says that he enjoyed his life as an exorcist. He enjoyed his career as an exorcist except for the fact that he left the Catholic Church and lost his priestly faculties, and was supposedly still doing exorcisms. Does that strike anybody as odd? He had lost his priestly duty since 1965, and even after that, people would call him Father in interviews regarding exorcism, and he never corrected them. Does that strike anybody as odd? It definitely strikes me as odd.

Now Malachi Martin is one of the main sources for saying that Lucifer’s enthroned in the Church, Lucifer has set up his thrown in the Church and that the Pope says so and admits it. Even Pope Paul VI, Malachi claims, said the smoke of Satan has entered the Church. This is supposed to be some proof for Rad Trads that the Catholic Church is evil .

But the Pope did not say that Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican, and he did not use “the smoke of Satan is in the church” to affirm their case in any way, even though the video makes it seem like he did. In fact, if you go back and you read what the Pope actually said, he was talking about just how evil is entering the Church in general.

There’s a lot of confusion. There’s a lot of people making bad choices. There’s a lot of people being disobedient to the Church and there’s a lot of different ways that Satan is attacking people. He’s not saying that Lucifer is actually in the Church and that he’s enthroned there. It’s ridiculous.

And the fact that Malachi takes what the Pope said out of context and puts it as an addendum on what he says, and what he thinks he has seen, or maybe he has seen, is dishonest. It’s not what the Pope said, and it’s not what the Pope meant. And so, Malachi is using two different things and he’s conflating these points, which makes his claims not true.

If we look in the 1960s, there was birth control. There was New Age, There was rebellion against authority. There were a lot of demonic attacks on that age and on the Church, and that’s what the Pope is referring to, and that is so important to know.

When you read the actual writings of Malachi Martin, you realize that it’s not the Catholic Church that’s necessarily evil. He said that there are “Luciferians”, who are in the Church, who want to set up the throne of Satan in the Vatican.

So according to his writings, you have these people who worship and honor and venerate Lucifer, and I’m just using his terms, in the Vatican. So, you have this group who hates the Catholic Church, they actually hate Jesus and want to set up a rival camp in the Vatican.

But notice that these are people who hate the Catholic Church who are doing this. They love Satan. So notice, it’s not the Pope, who’s doing this. Notice, it is not bishops. Notice, it’s not priests. Notice, it’s not the Catholic Church itself doing this, but yet that’s exactly what these Rad Trads try to purport, try to forward and advance, and it’s just not true. So it’s not the Catholic Church that started the luciferian worship, these are luciferians who came to try to do it because they hate Jesus. In other words, the enemies of Christ have come to do it. Now, notice that they came to the Catholic Church. Why? Because the Catholic Church was started by Jesus. So, what do they want to destroy? The Catholic Church. It’s the same thing that happens with the Eucharist. Where do Satanists go to? To take the Eucharist and to pee on it and to desecrate it and to use it in their black mass. Do they steal it from the Protestants? No, because the Protestants have nothing. They steal it from the Catholic Church because they know that it’s truly the body and blood of our Lord and they steal it from the Catholic Church to try to desecrate it. So where is Satan going to attack? If he hates Jesus, he’s going to attack his church. He might even try to set up a rival camp within the church or try to corrupt the church from within. But that’s not the Catholic Church being evil as these Rad Trads are asserting. It’s not the Pope being evil. It’s not the Catholic Church defecting or apostatized. It’s evil attacking the Church.

What’s interesting is that right after the Malachi clip, there is a long and lengthy clip of a bishop who talks about that there is some evil in the church, but what he says is so interesting and I am not really sure how they’re using the clip to support their claim against the church. The bishop says that the promise that was given to the Church: “The gates of Hell will not prevail against it,” still remains. While the church has to suffer for the moment, the promise remains.

Notice, he doesn’t say the Catholic Church is evil, the Pope is evil, or that we should just leave the Catholic Church.


6. Let’s comment on the last video segment on Freemasons, because they think freemasons are trying to destroy the church, which might be true. But the video discuss how freemasons have control, complete control, which is nonsense, over the Catholic Church, and until a Pope comes and has the courage to kick them out, then the Catholic Church today is in big trouble.

They go on to claim, as always, that the vast majority of bishops and priests in the Catholic Church, are freemasons, even though that’s a large claim with zero facts, zero evidence, zero citations, zero names, zero anything. This would make us actually believe that they just throw out these big claims with no evidence. Come on, this is what other religions do to us. And now you are doing it because I guess you’re another religion.

If some of the biggest people in the Church were part of the freemasons, which it could be, and there are many people who are hijacking the church and Malachi Martin and others have big problems with them, then why don’t they mention their names? Why don’t they call them out? Why don’t they list them right here for us to see? They want to help the church then start naming the names so we can start rooting out the corruption. But no, they’d rather just leave it as a conspiracy theory. They’d rather just leave at all these sensational ideas.

And of course, we know that there are probably freemasons in the church. I mean, there’s a little book, that was written about a former communist who said that communism wanted to infiltrate the Catholic Church because they hated the Catholic Church and they wanted to try to destroy it from within. I also have, a very rare book, written by a former freemason and in fact, he admits that they wanted to infiltrate the Catholic Church and they wanted to get into the ranks of the priesthood and the bishops, and they kind of wanted to destroy it within because they admit that they can’t destroy it from without. They wanted to get rid of morals, of values, of doctrines and many other things. When the freemasons found out about this book, they burned the book company pretty much to the ground. They bought it and then they got rid of every copy.

I have no doubt that there might be communists and there might be freemasons in the church trying to destroy it. There have always been people who are evil trying to destroy it. I think it was in the middle ages when someone, bought the papacy. This King and Queen wanted a Pope for them. They had him ready. They were going to put him as Pope, and they killed everyone in their path. They paid a lot of money, and they finally got this guy elected as Pope because they wanted to change the doctrines of the church. So this isn’t the first time the Catholic Church has been infiltrated. It’s not the first time that princes, emperors, and kings have tried to put their own agendas on the church of God.

Jesus was allowed to be killed by the devil. The devil attacked Jesus and killed him, and our Lord and Savior rose from the dead and destroyed death, he destroyed hell and destroyed it forevermore. Think about this. In Revelation, 12:19, right after the devil tried to attack Mary and the son that she was going to have, and he couldn’t, the text says that he went to wage war against who? Against those who keep the commandments of God, Christians, us, those who love God.

So of course, he’s going to wage war against the Church. this is not news. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail for a reason. He didn’t say the gates of bunny rabbits, or the gates of sheep or the gates of Rome will not prevail! He said the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church. So yes, the Church is going to be attacked. It has been attacked for 2000 years: Through heresies, through persecutions, and through many other ways that have tried to destroy it from within and it has prevailed. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is in charge of his church. He is watching over his Church. Jesus is with his Church until the end of time. Are there evil people in the Church, disgustingly evil people in the church? Absolutely. Maybe a lot? Very possibly. But Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail. He gave the Holy Spirit to guide it into all truth. And what Rad Trads say is that Jesus is a liar.

That’s what they say. He’s a liar. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The gates of Hell did prevail against the Church. Oh, but it really didn’t, because we’re the true Church. They have the same protestant battle cry. They have the same pages ripped out of the protestant playbook. The Pope is the anti-Christ. The Catholic Church is evil. We’re the true Church of Jesus. That’s what protestants have been saying for 500 years. These little sects like the SSPX and the Sedevacantists are saying: “But we’re the true Church of Jesus Christ and they’re the false ones.” It’s not true. Don’t listen to them.

People, all of these are small little sects, cult-following, and they’re all splintering among themselves already. It is similar to what protestants do. It’s what they do because they are Catholic protestants! Don’t listen to them! Just listen to the Church. if you’re ever in confusion, take refuge in the Church and her doctrines solid for 2000 years. Her true Tradition is not just some form of the mass. True tradition is following the Pope and the Magisterium. How can a Rad Trad tell a protestant that they’re not part of the Church (because they’re not, they don’t have the Pope and they don’t have Rome), but then tell you not to follow Rome and the Pope and to follow them instead. It’s hypocritical, it’s contradictory. It literally makes no sense.

Lastly, Jesus himself said: “I chose 12 apostles and isn’t one of you the devil?” Judas Iscariot was the devil. There are always going to be devils in the Church. There’s always going to be evil in the Church. There’s always going to be weeds and wheat in the Church. Jesus himself said that there’s always going to be a Judas, but that doesn’t mean we should apostatize. That doesn’t mean we need to go into schism. That doesn’t mean we need to leave the Church to try to fix it.

I would ask these people to come home, and try to fix it from within, but there is no intention to fix anything. I mean, just trying to go back to a certain mass or a certain language doesn’t fix any problem. What does fix the problem is holiness, Sainthood and obedience to God and the Church. That is what will fix our Church. We need more Saints. We need more holiness, and we need more piety. People like Pope John Paul II, people like Padre Pio, like Mother Teresa, like Saint Teresa of Lisieux. Saints make Saints and Saints change the world.

So, make no mistake, Satan is attacking the Church, but it’s not the Catholic Church that’s evil. It’s Satan who is evil, and the people who follow Satan, even in the Church, are evil. There’s a distinction between the people who are trying to destroy the Church and the Holy Church itself that has been there for 2000 years. Come hell, come high water, come persecutions, come heresies, come modernism, liberalism, and everything else that has tried to destroy the Church. Jesus is Lord. Halleluiah. And he we got to pray. He will always protect our Church.

Raise up people! That will help you to conquer these attacks, just as Saint Augustine did in the fifth century. He alone, conquered like six heresies and helped conquer like one or two others. So, we need people like Saint Augustine raising up to help get rid of this filth from the Church. So take heart, Jesus is Lord, and the Church is his bride.