If you have not read Part 1 on Margaret Sanger and her connection to Hitler and her legacy of eugenics, see that article here. This is a continuation of that article. This one examines Sanger’s influences and provides a short history of the founding of Planned Parenthood.

Hitler is credited with the killing of millions of people through eugenics and other barbaric means. Under Hitler’s order to create the “perfect” race, German doctors sterilized over 400,000 people who were considered stupid, feeble-minded, or suffered from epilepsy, alcoholism, and other diseases.

In addition, over 275,000 children under the age of three were also euthanized.[1] Racial perfection, right?

Most people know and agree that what Hitler did was atrocious. Yet, in America, we celebrate a woman who sought to do the exact same thing. Her name is Margaret Sanger.

Hitler killed six million Jews. However, Margaret Sanger’s organization, Planned Parenthood, has killed over seven million innocent American children to date through abortion. She also was responsible for forced sterilization upon countless women and girls, which is written about below.

Margaret Sanger is often held up as a champion of women’s rights, yet ironically, her dark, evil, and Spartan worldview which sparked her activism is rarely mentioned. Margaret Sanger believed in eugenics, which was based off of the theory of Darwinian evolution. Eugenics was the process of speeding up evolution to perfect mankind. This meant weeding out inferior people and races from society and giving prominence to the fit people of society.

Incredulously, she is held up as a champion for women, but only some women. Most women did not have rights. Only women who were physically, intellectually, and socially healthy would have rights and be allowed to breed. Eugenics advocated for humans who were intellectually slow, physically disabled, or carried bad hereditary genes to be removed from society like weeds.

How would this be accomplished, you ask? Read on and see.

The Story of Margaret Sanger and Eugenics

How did a young Margaret Sanger become such a eugenics monster and a radical feminist (not the good kind)? How did she become such an extremist, and how has her legacy hurt women, destroyed families, and affected the world at large so negatively? Read on and see.

This is her story…

Margaret Higgins Sanger lost her religious beliefs in her teenage years. Her mother had 18 pregnancies and 11 children. While she dies of tuberculosis, young Margaret blamed it all on the number of children her mother had. She likewise blamed her father for the death and developed a great anger at a young age.

Margaret went on to marry a wealthy man named William and bore two children. William was a radical socialist who wanted a wife to become as radical as he was. Thus, Sanger began attending meetings with her husband and would fully accept these beliefs. Not even her husband foresaw Margaret becoming even far more radical than he was. William Sanger would pay for this.

Thanks to the radical views she embraced, Margaret soon grew tired of the whole marriage and family thing. She had an affair with a sexologist named Havelock Ellis who published material on race and birth control. It caused much fear that the white race would lose the fertility battle with inferior races, so much so that President Roosevelt warned against “race suicide” for white people using contraception.[2]

Soon after, Sanger abandoned her marriage altogether by walking out on her husband and two children. From there, she embraced radical feminism and started a magazine called Woman Rebel. Using this platform, Sanger disseminated her radical ideas to the rest of the nation. The top of each magazine cover boldly displayed the words: “No Gods, No Masters” (which summed up her radical worldview in a nutshell).

Her extremist views on contraception, forced segregation, and forced sterilization of women got her in trouble with the law. With a warrant out for her arrest, Sanger fled to England, where she encountered a hotbed of Darwinian eugenics. This is where she met some of the most radical and racist people who would shape and influence her worldview, some of whom worked for Hitler and for Sanger. Talk about radical.

Lothrop Stoddard was one of those extremists. He wrote a book called The Rising Tides of Color Against White World Supremacy where he lamented the fact that people of color were breeding and immigrating to predominantly white nations. His writings list ways to wipe out this “pollution” before it became a widespread problem. Hitler was so inspired by his works that he made Stoddard’s book mandatory reading throughout German schools.

Stoddard also inspired Margaret Sanger, who invited him to be on her organization’s board of directors. This organization was known as, The Birth Control League, which would later change its name to Planned Parenthood).

Harry Laughlin was another Eugenist and a believer in racial purification. He was responsible for teaching the Nazis many of their beliefs in eugenics and race perfection. Interestingly, this wacko was also invited to sit on the board of Planned Parenthood.

Ernst Rudin was the director of the foremost German eugenics research institute and was responsible for giving the Nazis their eugenics programs. Not so coincidentally, he also contributed regularly to Margaret Sanger’s magazine: The Birth Control Review.

Thus, people who inspired, taught, and worked for Adolf Hitler in Germany also wrote for Sanger and sat on her organization’s board of directors. There is no doubt that Margaret Sanger was one of the most radical women in the world. Her birth control magazine talked about eugenics and race perfection constantly. Here are just a few of the many titles in her Birth Control Review:

“The Function of Sterilization”

“The Purpose of Eugenics”

“Birth Control and Sterilization”

“Birth Control and Positive Eugenics”

“Sterilization of the Unfit”

“The Trend in Sterilization”

“Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics”

And many more titles could be listed.


Thomas Malthus was one of the foremost leaders of the eugenics movement. Malthus and his followers (including Sanger) believed that all the poor, sick, diseased, and racially inferior people should be left to die, or should be helped toward death for the good of society.

Even Margaret Sanger herself lamented that natural eugenics (letting nature take its course to remove the weak people and pass on the genes of the strong) should speed up the process of removing the physically, mentally, and emotionally unfit of society, or at least keep them from reproducing (the real goal of birth control – it’s in the name).

This is why Sanger promoted birth control, to help speed up the process, giving it to inferior people and races and to all those she deemed not worth living. Some races are naturally stronger and more fit, more elevated, according to this worldview. It comes as no surprise then why Planned Parenthood clinics are found mostly in black and in other minority neighborhoods, because Sanger deemed these populations as inferior. As one black leader said, “The most dangerous place for a black person is in his mother’s womb.”[3]

Margaret Sanger returned to the United States on a mission and with one goal in mind: race perfection. To this end, she started an organization called The Birth Control League (BCL) which later changed its name to Planned Parenthood. Like Hitler, the goal of this organization was to weed out and remove all the weak and pathetic humans of society; all the “stupid,” “feeble-minded,” sick and diseased, the alcoholics, the elderly, and the racially inferior.  How would this be accomplished?

By preventing the inferior classes of society from reproducing and passing on their genes to the next generation;this would be the cleansing of the human race. This would be accomplished through the use of birth control, forced segregation, and forced sterilization (all Sanger’s words, as we read in part 1).


Young women who were found to have the above frowned-on traits were forced onto segregation farms for the entirety of their reproductive years. Sanger attempted to get this passed by law. In fact, “Her views and those of her peers in the movement contributed to compulsory sterilization laws in 30 U.S. states that resulted in more than 60,000 sterilizations of vulnerable people, including people she considered ‘feeble-minded,’ ‘idiots’ and ‘morons.’”[4]

This would also be accomplished by forced sterilizations for people deemed unworthy of populating. It would also be advanced by promoting the physically, mentally, and financially healthy of society to breed at a more rapid rate while preventing the poor, stupid, and non-intelligent people from breeding at all.

In fact, videos of Sanger have been unearthed where she demands that people have “no more babies” in countries that are developing for 10 years![5]She also met with the KKK who loved her ideas. This meeting is even admitted on Planned Parenthood’s own website. Sanger sought racial perfection, just like Hitler, but went about it in a different way.

Not as brutish as Hitler’s methods, but not so different either.

The legacy of Sanger’s life is marred by false ideals. So, why would anyone listen to her or Planned Parenthood? We have been promised that birth control would lead to better lives, stronger families, happier women, and less abortions. Has this succeeded? The obvious answer is no!

Thanks to contraception and the contraception mentality, the opposite came true. Women are being used and abused more than ever. Men are able to have sex and selfish pleasure without fear of consequences. Women are used for their bodies and what they can “put out” rather than being loved as they deserve. Then, there is the objectification of women through pornography, the breakdown of the family, the skyrocketing divorce rate, and the drastic increase in the number of abortions being performed.

There have been well over 50million abortions since Roe v. Wade in 1973.[6] Less abortions, I think not. This is the legacy of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood states that abortion only makes up 3% of its services.

Could you imagine if there were too many people on the planet, and so the United States decided to wipe out a mere 3% of the population? That is a lot of innocent people dead. It is still evil and morally wrong if it is only 2% or even 1%. Or, imagine if 3% of your brownie was laced with poison. Would you eat it?

Over 50,000,000 deaths through abortion! “If you run the math on those terrible figures, the numbers are absolutely chilling. That’s:

  • 382 million abortions every year
  • 115,167 abortions every month
  • 26,577 abortions every week
  • 3,786 abortions every day
  • 157 abortions every hour
  • 6 abortions every minute[7]

People hate violence. They cry about gun violence. Nearly 40,000 people died because of guns last year. Yet, not everyone is speaking out against the new Holocaust, abortion. This holocaust has killed far, far more innocent people than Hitler ever did. 40,000 people from guns vs. 1.3 million innocents in abortion! 3,000 innocent lives will be killed today, and 3,0000 tomorrow, and 3,0000 the next day and the day after that. We are exterminating an entire generation without even blinking an eye.

Things have become so evil that we even justify this murder by calling it a “choice.” Well, Hitler had a choice too, and he chose to kill others. We do too every time we choose abortion. Unlike Hitler, our country was founded on every person having the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How can you have liberty and happiness if you have your life taken from you?


The Tide is Turning

While America has destroyed generations of children, the tide is changing again. Roe (yes, as in Roe v. Wade) admitted that this was the worst mistake of her life. She ended up converting to Catholicism and becoming a pro-life warrior.[8] Likewise, abortion doctors are leaving their practices, sometimes in droves.

Some of the prominent abortion leaders, like the founder of NARAL, also left the abortion industry and became pro-life. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was once fiercely pro-abortion, performed thousands of abortions and was responsible for over 60,000 more. He repented to God for all the babies he killed and became a pro-life warrior developing a video called “The Silent Scream.” It shows the real truth of what abortion is, for those who have the courage to watch it.[9]

Likewise, one priest told the story of five women abortion doctors who came to him wanting to leave their field and return back to God. Together, they had performed over 150,000 abortions. That is 150,000 less children in the world due to their past. However, they have repented, as have many abortion doctors and leaders, and are now fighting for the right to all life, born and unborn.

Again, our Declaration of Independence states that everyone has the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In that order. Abortion goes directly against our Declaration of Independence, our consciences, and God Himself. As a country, we must return to love, to compassion, civility, kindness, sacrifice, and of course, to God.

God is pro-life! He is the author of life. If we submit to Him, we will find eternal life. If we do not, we will find prompt compensation and justice for our crimes. Our God is a God of justice and mercy. Justice for those who do not follow Him, and mercy for those who seek it! Even if you have had an abortion, seek and find mercy, peace, healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to free us from every sin and evil. He is the only way to heaven! He is calling…



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