Happy Thanksgiving 2018 everyone!! May you all be blessed.

I am thankful for all of the people like you who take the time to read my blog. : )

Imagine this:

Imagine furiously scarfing down food, not just today, but on any given day of the week. Imagine scarfing down food and stuffing your mouth until you can’t fit anymore. But, you keep going. You continue to jam food into your mouth and eat until you are overly full and it begins to come back up again. But, you continue to keep stuffing it in until you get seriously sick.

Now, if you did this regularly and continued to ignore your body and what it was saying to you, if you refused to take care of it, you would be putting yourself at a high risk for real and permanent harm.

But, who would really do that?

We have to remember that we are not just bodies, but we are spiritual beings with a soul. In the spiritual life, we often ignore our souls even when it’s crying out to us that it’s not healthy and in danger. This above scenario is how many people often live their lives spiritually. Let me offer an example to ponder…

Our soul needs time for prayer, silence, and needs room to breath. Too many times it seems we forget that and just gorge ourselves. We gorge ourselves and fill our lives to the brim with entertainment, sports, Netflix, movies, social media, work, activities, and so much more. Like food, these things are not bad, but when our lives are overly full with them, there is little to no room for God, for silence, and for the soul to have room to breath and be healthy. This is why many of our lives feel unfulfilling, we don’t feel at peace, and many wonder if this is all life has to offer.

This Thanksgiving, think of how much time we spend socializing with friends, family, watching sports, scrolling social media, and more. Now consider this. Did you pray today? How long? How much time do you put aside for God, for yourself (the spiritual side of you), and for your spiritual health?

Today is Thanksgiving! Did you thank God today for all the things you are thankful for? Family, friends, significant other, etc.? After all, God is the supreme Being who deserves our greatest thanks, and He is the reason we even have everything we love and cherish in life. Have you taken time to thank Him? If so, you need to make some room in your day today, and every day, for this thanksgiving and prayer.

These temporary pleasures do not make us truly happy, but only temporarily happy, like a drug, which is why we need to consume more and more of it all to prevent us from being “bored” and unfulfilled in life. But there is a peace, and a joy, and a happiness, and a deep abiding fulfillment that never fades when we take time for our souls, when we spend more time with God, and take time for silence.

Even start by taking 1-2 minutes a day in complete silence away from everything else. Take a deep breath, exhale, and just sit there without thinking anything. Give yourself permission to just be. Then, after a minute or so, start to think about God. Let your mind take you there. At the end, speak to Him, and tell Him what’s on your mind and thank Him for those things you appreciate and are grateful for in life. This will begin to make your soul more healthy. Every giver of gifts loves to be appreciated for them, let’s thank god more for the blessings in our lives.

God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Feel free to put a comment down below if you would like naming just one thing you are thankful for! I listed mine above. ; )