Catholics of goodwill, Catholics who love your faith, Catholics who love the Church and want to see the church flourish, this article is for you, because there have been a lot of confusion out there in the world today regarding Pope Francis, “same- sex blessings,” and a lot of things that just are not true.

All the way down the line, from Mormons, to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to Protestants, to Atheists, all saying: “The Catholic Church endorses gay marriage now”, which is not true. They are saying: “The Catholic Church has changed its stance on homosexuality”, which is not true. They claim that the Catholic Church has changed its teachings and going against the Bible. The Bible clearly speaks against homosexuality. But now the Pope has said: “It is okay, and you can just bless marriages and unions.”  All of that is just false, and, in this article, I am going to give you actual proof of this. And I think a lot of the problems are caused by misinformation and misunderstanding.

This is an outright lie. It is slander! It is wrong!  There are several problems, but I just want to reiterate that the Catholic Church has not changed its teaching on marriage. You need to know that, Catholics, sincere Catholics who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  I want to reiterate that the Catholic Church has not changed anything. She has upheld the perennial teaching. And again, we are going to prove that. There is actual proof in this document. We are not just explaining things away, but we actually want to dive deep in, and show you actual evidence, because there is a lot of people on both sides, even some priests that I respect and love! Even Cardinal Sarah and some others are confused right now. And I think there are a few different reasons for it.

People are just going to paragraph 31 from a document that was issued and saying: “See, the couples are blessed. You can bless same sex-couples now.” Now, there are many honest people who want to believe that the Pope and the Church are on the right track, but they have a hard time understanding the document, or they misunderstand it, or it seems to imply something different. And I think there are three big reasons for this, that so many people are confused.

  • One, because right after it came out, we have the hysteria of worldwide media saying: “The Catholic Church has changed forever.” Now, what does that do to every person? What did that do to good Catholics? What did that do to me when I read the headlines? What did that do to most people? What the heck is going on?

Oh my God! Crisis! Damage control! All of a sudden, we are listening to the media. But, of course, I have learned these lessons a long time ago, so I immediately go to the sources and see that it is not. So, what the media says, what they want to be true, and what is actually true, are often times two different things. But, like, tentacles coming off of a species, or branches coming off of a tree, they influenced so many people. They put it in their minds already that “the Catholic Church has changed her teaching. The Catholic Church has been undermined. The Catholic Church, finally, in big news, has changed everything.” So, we are already reading the documents with this suspicion in many times.

This is called the hermeneutic of suspicion, or rupture. You are not reading it through the eyes of the Church in the way they want us to understand it, but we are trying to figure it out ourselves, and this leads us to problem number two, I think, that has led to this huge confusion.

  • Dishonest people, but also honest people, have read the documents, and they all get hung up on one paragraph, maybe two. Mainly, Paragraph 31, talks about “the blessing of same -sex couples.”

Many honest people come away thinking: “Well, couples can be blessed.” I mean, that is what they have been saying. That is what the media says. That is also what some Catholic sensationalists and gas lighters who are just like the media have been saying. And there are so many who think: “It says couples, therefore it is.”

However, they are not understanding the whole document or its context, which is absolutely imperative. Honestly, a lot of what we are doing is exactly like scripture interpretation for Protestants. I am reading the document the way I understand it. I am putting my own interpretation on it. This is the way I read it. And it says couples, so that is what it is.

But we are not reading it from the mind of the Church and the way they want us to understand it. And this is going to be so obvious in this article when we bring up the text, the other texts, the clarifications and everything the Pope has said recently. It just clarifies and justifies everything we have been saying here at Catholic Truth.

  • The third reason, there is so much confusion, is context. Context is key. People are not reading the context. They are reading paragraph 31 out of context. Not only out of context of the document, but out of everything else as well.

It is similar to what people do of Vatican II. Those who hate it, say: “Oh! the Catholic Church, it says in Vatican II, allows everyone to go to heaven now. Pretty much all religions are the same!” But either they have not read the documents, or they are not being honest about them, or they are approaching them with a hermeneutic of rupture or suspicion. This means they are reading it and already thinking that it is wrong or problematic, and they are just going to find the problem, and anything that seems like a problem becomes the problem, rather than trying to understand it with the hermeneutics of continuity and understanding it the way it was meant to be.

In fact, ignoring the rest of the context, which Vatican II talks about: There is only one true religion, the Catholic Church. There is only one true banquet, the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass, and so on. So, it contradicts what they say, but they ignore the context. People do this with the Bible too all the time. We do not understand that we not only have to read a Bible verse, but you have to read the verses around it. But not only the verses around it, you have to read the whole chapter to get the understanding of what that one verse is saying. This is known as the difference between the remote and immediate context. And these 2 are different: the proximate context and the remote context. This is the proper way of reading scripture. It is proper hermeneutics, okay? And you not only read the chapter, but you have to read the entire book because the whole theme of the book summarizes it. For instance, you also have to understand the New Testament and the Bible itself. So, you cannot just take one verse. You have to take it all together to understand properly how to interpret Scripture.

The same thing goes with magisterial documents, you are not going to bother reading Vatican II and just taking a few verses out of context. Then you are being dishonest, and you are no better than Protestants who say: “Catholics worship Mary, Catholics worship the Pope, Catholics treat Mary as a goddess.” They do not care what the documents say. They disregard what our teaching says. They read one little thing that seems suspicious, and it becomes fact. And that is a huge lie, a big problem!  As Catholics, we need to do better. That is of Satan. We need to be honest and open: From Christ, from truth and from honesty and sincerity. And I beg Catholics to be convicted if necessary. Sometimes I need to be.

Moreover, words have meanings, especially on this point. We cannot just ignore the meanings or what the Church means by these words. So, we cannot just read paragraph 31 and ignore paragraph 11, paragraph 5, or the rest of the document. We cannot ignore the Responsum from 2021, the clarifications from Cardinal Fernandez and Pope Francis, or everything else, because we just want the Pope to be wrong. That is evil! That is Pope-splaying in reverse.

You just assume it is wrong, and then you are going to find every explanation for why it is wrong, even though you do not care about the facts. We need to do better. Thankfully, many Catholics are reading and studying the documents and the clarifications, and they are doing good. They are doing well, and they are seeing it for what it is.

And again, we are about to give proof in this series, but first, let me just clarify that the current document, “Fiducia Supplicans,” builds off, and it is an extension of the 2021 Responsum from Pope Francis in regard to the same subject and blessings.

That was a very clear document. I am going to expose some explicit statements from it. And those are the necessary conditions and textual foundations for understanding this document. Without knowledge of that document, you are not going to understand this one. And if you do not understand the other things the Pope has said and his mindset on all of this, if you think he supports homosexuality, if you perceive him as a modern liberal, or if you believe he is changing the teachings of the Church, if you have not read his writings on homosexuality and how he is called it a sin and unnatural and many other things, then you are going to read it in that context rather than in the appropriate context of his own truth, and by his own truth, I mean the way he is intending to mean these things. To prove this, several times throughout the document “Fiducia Supplicans” the pope quotes the Responsum from 2021. Some people say: “That was a good document, but this one changed that.” No, it did not, because it is literally quoting it, and it is constantly going back to it, showing that it is in continuity with it.

Read what it says in “Fiducia Supplicans.” It says, such is also the meaning of the Responsum of the congregation of the doctrine of the faith, which states: “The Church does not have the power to impart blessings on same -sex unions.” Now let me ask you a question: “How many news sources, and Catholic sensationalists gas lighting influencers have said that “The Catholic Church now blesses unions?”

Everybody can bless gay unions, homosexual unions. The Catholic Church blesses unions. Right? All over the news it said: “We bless unions”. All over Catholic sensational rad trad media, it says: “The Pope is okay with blessing unions”. Now, Guess what? He is not. It actually says: “The Church does not have the power to bless unions.” Of what? Of same- sex couples.

That is a huge thing right there. This statement is at the beginning of the document, which is the foundation for the rest of the document and necessary to understand. And it says, “The Church does not have the power to impart blessings on unions.” In other words: “We cannot bless unions.” How many thousands of people are saying: “We can bless unions now” when it says: “We cannot impart blessings on unions”. I wish I could scream it, but I do not think it would make a difference. And the unions of what? Same sex couples: So, they cannot be blessed. We have been saying this from the beginning. As we go on and read both of these documents, in parts, I am going to be giving you specific quotes. It is going to become even more obvious.

But let us back up and look at the response from 2021. I want to bring out a couple of interesting parts that need to be known. “People either do not know, have ignored, or are reading it from a dishonest point”, as Pope Francis himself said. Many people wonder why this document was even necessary. This document is actually the first response to the German Bishops who want same-sex weddings and same-sex marriages and want to be able to bless all of that sin. It is saying: “No, you cannot bless sin.” Secondly, it says: “Those who manifest a homosexual orientation can receive the assistance they need to understand and fully carry out God’s will in their lives.”

Wow! How many thousands of Catholics and news media sources have said that “The intention of this document was to bless sin. The Catholic Church is now endorsing mortal sin!” Except that it literally says the opposite, many times. So, these people are being extremely dishonest, and this is just one example of many new sources, other religions just do not understand. It says: “It is to help them, to assist them to understand God’s will and to fully carry out God’s will in their lives.” What is God’s will for us? It is to give up our sin, not to live according to our sin, but to live according to virtue and the teachings of the Church and the commandments of God.

And this is brought out and said over and over again. Even Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernandez said: “This has been ad nauseam,”-in other words Eternally, Forever- in these documents, where we cannot bless sin, and we are calling people out of their sin. Yet, what do some Catholics say? That the church is blessing sin now! What does the secular media say? “The Church is blessing sin now, it is okay.” But what does the document itself say? It is not okay. The opposite. This is why I want to bring out what the actual text says, because we need to clear up this confusion. There is just so much demonic spewing from the gates of hell who are sowing this division in the Church. And it is right from hell. That is why I want to counter that with actual truth, what the documents really say. And I know that any Catholics, and every Catholic out there with ears to hear, will hear this and understand it.