Welcome to Part 2 of our series of article talking about the recent allegations that Pope Francis has blessed same-sex couples, mainly through his magisterial document of Fiducia Supplicans. In Part 1, we discussed how hermeneutics of suspicion, unwillingness to read the whole document and inability to understand context are the three main reasons people interpreted the document and the Pope statements in this way.

If you need more proof, read what this next bomb of a text says. This is Insanely clear, concise and beautiful! It says: “It is necessary that what is blessed be objectively and positively ordered to receive and express grace. How? According to the designs of God inscribed in creation and fully revealed in Christ the Lord. Therefore, only those realities which are in themselves ordered to serve those ends are congruent with the sing essence of the blessing imparted by the Church.”

I could just stop here, and I have proven my point, but there is so much more. I would sufficiently have proven this. We are blessing couples, unions, relationships, and mortal sin? Timothy Gordon! It is nonsense! It is evil! The document says: “What is necessary in order to be blessed must be positively ordered to receive and express grace”. Meaning, not negatively, not sinfully. It must be positive. We must not be trying to live sin or trying to justify sin.

And we must be trying to live according to the designs of God. Only those realities which are themselves ordered to serve those ends. Which ends? Living according to the design of God. What is the design of God? Overcoming sin and living holy. That is what God wants. And only people who are striving to do that are congruent with the essence of the blessings imparted by the Church.

Only those people who are striving to live according to the Church and according to God can receive blessings. Did you hear that? So those who are trying to justify their sins, a relationship, or something against God and His designs, cannot be blessed. And I am trying to be firm about this because it is so obvious, yet all the gas lighting, the sensationalizing, and the scaring are poisoning people’s minds to read this stuff through the hermeneutics of suspicion.

And it is wrong because the documents are very clear. But it goes on. Let us read what else it says: “For this reason, it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage.” Oh! hold on, we got more: “As is in the case of unions between persons of the same sex.” Exactly! What else is there to say?  How much more obvious could the Church be? It is not licit. I feel like everybody is hearing and saying that “It is licit.” They are hearing what the Church is saying, and what they are hearing through skewed means of receptivity.

It is literally the opposite of what the Church is saying. It said: “It is not licit to impart blessings on relationships or partnerships, even stable ones, meaning people who truly love each other, that involves sexual activity outside of marriage, meaning, you cannot bless sin.”

That is what I have been saying for so long, that people accused me of pope- explaining, and it goes on to make it clearer, as is in the case of unions between persons of the same sex. We cannot bless unions, couples and relationships. We cannot bless these things.

We are talking here about individuals, not couples as in a relationship. So, when the Church says: “We can bless couples”, it is not talking about the relationship, the union, or the partnership. It literally uses these words and says that they cannot be blessed. And over and over, ad nauseam, according to Fernandez, the Church has said: “It cannot bless sin. It cannot bless unions, partnerships, or relationships.” Done!

But there is more. This is so good and should be food for you Catholics out there who have been worried, harassed and condemned about this, or told, “You are stupid, you are a pope explainer. The pope is not even Catholic anymore. These people are not Catholic anymore.” That is a schismatic act that separates you from the holy pontiff. Now, let me ask you: “What is the difference between a Catholic, a Protestant, and an Orthodox?”  Catholics accept the papacy and are in union with the pope. Protestants and Orthodox do not. When you reject the pope, and you separate yourself from unity with him, what do you become? Someone who is outside the Church. This is the exact definition the Church uses for schism which is a mortal sin on the way to hell.

Catholics, be very careful. Please, there is one thing in this Church that we need to recognize, and that is demonic pride where we think we can decide, condemn, and tell the Pope this and that, and we get so angry! This is what we need to realize, it is really fear-based. Worry-based. That our Church might be in error. It might be wrong after all. The Pope is destroying our Church. We do not want any of that. Many of us have good intentions and want to protect our Church, but we are doing it the wrong way, and we have no faith for Christ who said: “The gates of hell will not prevail.” We have no faith that Jesus said: “He would guide his Church into all truth.” (John 16.) And that: “He would be with his Church until the end of time.” Matthew 28: 19 – 20.

Have faith! If you do not have it, pray for it! Humble yourself! Get back into a deep prayer life because a lot of these things are not from God! And this is crazy! This is saying that we cannot even bless them even if they are really good relationships. Listen to what it says.: “The presence in such relationships of positive elements, which are in themselves to be valued and appreciated, cannot justify these relationships and render them legitimate objects of an ecclesiastical blessing, since the positive elements exist within the context of a union, not ordered to the Creator’s plan.”

This is exactly what I just said that nobody can receive a blessing to bless sin. You cannot receive a blessing if you are not willing to live according to God’s plan, His design, and His commandments. So even if there are positive elements, even if two people truly do love each other and there is some good in the relationship, the Pope and the document are saying that you still cannot bless the relationship, no matter how much good is in it, because it is intrinsically disordered and against God’s plan, and we cannot bless sin.

Is this even confusing? Seriously, that is why I am trying to point out that we cannot just take one line or one paragraph out of context. we have to take the remote context as well. The context which led up to this document, which this document relied on. The Responsum that we are talking about now was the precursor for “Fiducia Supplicans.” It relied on it, it is an extension of it. So, this is the context of it. Anyone who reads it outside of that context is reading it wrong, which is exactly what the Pope said: “Most people are reading it wrong, and they are not understanding the mind of the Church.” Even the Pope and Cardinal Fernandez called people out on that.

So, I think it is pretty obvious, it says: “Within the context of union not ordered to God’s plan, you cannot bless unions”. How many thousands of Catholic influencers and media, how many thousands of contents, are misleading people down the wrong road? Because they are misunderstanding the documents, or not reading the context, or reading it from suspicion, and they did not know the true intentions of Pope Francis, so they are going to figure out, and just pull these little things out.

It gets even bigger. I mean, it just keeps booming! It is so obvious but listen to what this says.  It is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of chaos, like oxygen amidst absolute toxicity of our culture, and even Catholic Protestants within the Church, that kind of a culture, they claim to be Catholics, but they are pro. Ah! This is just amazing!  The divisions in our Church are not from God, but listen to what this says: “Furthermore, since the blessings of persons.” It says persons. I almost choked over that because everybody is saying: “We are blessing unions now, we are blessing gay marriage now, we are blessing relationships, we are blessing the couples,” in other words, the relationship. No, no, no, it says: “We are blessing persons”, which is what we have been saying for so long, which is what other people have been saying, which is what archbishops and priests have been coming out and saying, and everyone just says, they are nuts, they are just trying to pope- splain.

Listen to what this says: “Since the blessing of persons”- I could just stop- the blessings of homosexual unions cannot be considered. It is literally making a distinction between persons and unions. Okay?  We were saying in the past that Pope Francis, or the document itself, says that you can bless “persons, individuals”, not unions, not relationships, not couples as in a relationship or union. We are talking about couples as individuals, and we were making the distinction between individuals or persons who could be blessed, and then the unions or relationships itself. And people were calling us “Stupid” for that.

And I pray that you all out there can see that. It goes on to say that and it explains it, so clearly. It says that if we bless the homosexual unions, it will constitute a certain imitation or analog of the nuptial blessing invoked upon a man and a woman united in the sacrament of matrimony. So, these blessings or even remotely analogous, cannot be compared to marriage in any way, because the only licit relationship is one between a man and a woman, which is only open to children in marriage. That is what the documents say, the perennial teaching of the Church, and that is the correct mindset. All throughout “Fiducia Supplicans”, it is saying that “the perennial teaching of the Church is this. So, the mind of the Church, the context of the Church, the mind of the person making this document is to uphold the perennial teachings of the Church and not to change them regarding marriage or homosexuality or anything else in that regard. It is to uphold the teachings of the Church. And we see this throughout this whole document, clear, crystal clear, it is amazingly clear!

It says that “the Declaration of the Unlawfulness of Blessings of Unions between Persons of the Same Sex is not, therefore, and is not intended to be a form of unjust discrimination”. So, in other words, just because we are saying that we cannot bless unions, or relationships, or homosexuality, or anything like that, it is not unjust discrimination. Why? Because it is a reminder of the truth of the liturgical right and the very nature of the sacramental as the Church understands them.

The Declaration goes on to say this, that “The Declaration of the unlawfulness of blessings of unions between persons of the same sex.” Notice, it is not blessing the union. It is not blessing the couple as in the relationship. It is not blessing the sin. It is blessing Persons of the same sex, and I am going to do that again: “The declaration of the unlawfulness of blessings of unions between persons of the same sex is not therefore, and is not intended to be, a form of unjust discrimination, but rather a reminder of the truth of the liturgical right of the very nature of the sacraments as the Church understands them.” So, it is talking about the blessings of unions between persons, okay?

We cannot bless the unions, we can just bless the persons, not the unions. It makes that pretty clear. Some people have agreed with the Responsum in 2021. They thought that was wonderful and clear. Really? Then you should accept this one, as well, since Responsum was the foundation of this, and this is relying on that. It is quoting and literally going back to that, even in Cardinal Fernandez’s clarifications.

Some people were claiming that they agreed with the 2021 response of the Pope published by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith in response to the dubia presented to them. They agreed with that. Well, if you agreed with that, then you must agree with “Fiducia suplicans,” too which relies on that. quotes that, and continually goes back to that. Even Cardinal Fernandez, who gives speeches and has made clarifications, constantly goes back to the 2021 document.

It is literally quoted all the time to show that is the mind of the Church, nothing has changed. It is supposed to be read in that context, which is why we are spending so much time reading it to understand the context, the mind of the church, and what “Fiducia suplicans” is saying in the right way.

You will notice that a lot of the language in the 2021 Responsum and “Fiducia suplicans” is almost identical. They are using so much of the same language because they are trying to make the same points and bring out the same things. I mean, the German bishops want this, and they want that, and they want to bless sin, and the purpose of this document was to say “No.”

And it was supposed to be this big “No” to the German Bishops. But what did Catholics do? They said: “No to the Pope. We will not listen. We will not obey. We will not treat you seriously. We are not going to listen to anything.” And what did the German Bishops do? “See, no one else is listening. We do not need to either.”

The document is so clear: The only people that can be blessed are those who are willing and trying to live according to God’s commands, who are not living in sin, who are not trying to justify sin, but who are trying to grow and follow God and be moral and live according to the Church’s teachings. That is what it has said, and that is what it is going to continue to say as we go on, over and over again, Ad Nauseam.

So, to clarify, the blessings are for the persons who seek to live according to God’s will. In the original 2021 document, they said: “The people needed to come up individually to receive those blessings”. Now they are saying: “They can come up together as a couple.” Again, not as a relationship, not as a union, not as something we are trying to justify or bless, but they can come up together as two people instead of singularly. Why? Because Cardinal Fernandez said: “Nothing in the Church teaching has changed or can change. The sin cannot be blessed, and we have made that clear.”

Even if they want to come up together to receive individual blessings, that is okay because we are only blessing the individual persons, and we are not blessing the relationship or the homosexuality or the sin or anything else of that nature.