Book: Counterfeit Spirituality: Exposing False Gods

Book: Counterfeit Spirituality: Exposing False Gods

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The ultimate spiritual discernment guide for Catholics. Your questions answered on Reiki, Yoga, Centering Prayer, Mindfulness, astrology, and much more.

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When it comes to spiritual practices, recognizing what lines up with our Catholic Faith and what is harmful can be very difficult. We’ve heard the questions before. Maybe you’ve even asked them yourself:

  • Can I practice yoga if I just do it for exercise?
  • Is Reiki OK for an alternative healing?
  • What about Mindfulness?
  • The Enneagram is just another personality test, right?
  • People in my parish use centering prayer — is this acceptable for Catholics?
  • What about the Law of Attraction, acupuncture, horoscopes…?

Counterfeit Spirituality: Exposing the False Gods covers these topics and many more. Which practices are good, which ones are bad, and how do we know the difference? This book is the ultimate discernment guide for Christians and will help equip Catholics to spot false teachings and practices that have infiltrated our society and our church. Now more than ever, we need to recognize the differences between true and false spirituality so that we and those we love can grow closer to God and the truth of his Church.


“Bryan Mercier has done the Church and the world a great service. Counterfeit Spirituality: Exposing the False Gods is quite simply the best, most thorough, and well-balanced critique of the New Age Movement and other related harmful spiritual practices to date. Catholics, Protestants, as well as those deceived by New Age ideas will greatly benefit from reading this excellent work. I thoroughly enjoyed the section on Centering Prayer. It was truly edifying to read such a well-researched and well-balanced critique. Bravo!”

Tim Staples, Director of apologetics and evangelization at Catholic Answers

“The satanic lie ‘you shall be like God’ goes all the way back to Genesis. Bryan Mercier’s Counterfeit Spirituality is a timely reminder not to fall for what is literally ‘the oldest trick in the book.”

Matthew Arnold, Author and host of “No Nonsense Catholic” on Virgin Most Powerful Radio


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