Book: Why Do You Believe in GOD?

Book: Why Do You Believe in GOD?


Receive answers to your deep questions of faith.


Why Do You Believe in God: Conversations with Skeptics and Non-Believers

Many people go through their entire lives struggling with doubts and questions about God and faith that are never resolved. Even people of faith find it difficult to articulate their beliefs and share them with others who have questions. That is why this book is so important.  It is one of the best books available for providing real answers to deep questions of faith.

You don’t have to believe blindly. Your faith can make sense! This book will give seekers real answers and help seasoned Christians to share these answers with others more effectively.  Here are some of the questions this book answers:

  • What proof is there that God exists?
  • Why doesn’t God answer prayers?
  • If God is real, then why is there so much suffering?
  • Doesn’t science disprove God and the Bible?
  • Isn’t the Bible full of countless changes and contradictions?
  • How do you explain Galileo, the Crusades, and other religious wars?

Everyone has questions! … But do you have good answers?


“As an atheist convert to the Catholic Church and a writer of many books defending the faith, I can attest that this is the best short book for reaching non-believers I have ever read.  It is full of brilliant insights written in a dramatic user-friendly manner.  Get it immediately for yourself to remove any nagging doubts you have.  Most of all, buy it for use in evangelization!”

– Dr. Ronda Chervin, Professor of Philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, author of many Catholic books, and presenter on Catholic TV and radio

 “It’s one thing to know the many solid arguments there are for God’s existence and the truth of the Christian worldview; it’s quite another to know how to use those arguments in real-life conversations with real-life doubters.  By illustrating how he does it himself, Bryan Mercier has produced a very useful apologetic resource, and I heartily recommend it.”

Ken Hensley, author of, “The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism”


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