In this article, we are going to be talking about Protestants dirty little secret, the secret that they do not want us Catholics knowing about. And we are going to be talking about it because many Protestants will say: “Oh, you know, half my church is made up of former Catholics.” Or, I have had pastors come up to me and say: “Half my church is former Catholics”. And I keep hearing this, but here is what they will not tell you. And we are going to tell you that.

So, I have many Protestants using this weapon. You know, they use these extremes. But here is the thing they will not tell you and they do not want you to know.

Or, maybe it is more accurate to say maybe they do not know themselves. Maybe even these pastors or these former Catholics themselves just do not know that a good number of former Catholics actually come back to the Catholic Church. They return home. I know many Catholics who have left. They have gone to a Protestant church, and it fed them, and they were so happy, and they were like: “Oh! the Catholic Church did not feed me. I feel fed now.”

At least for like three or four months, six months, a year, and then they leave, and they go find another church that is going to feed them, and then that church does not feed them anymore. Then they go to another church, and they church hop. I mean, this is a common thing. And that all along, they are learning things, but they are hearing things from pastors:” Oh! well, I do not like that”, or” I do not agree with that”.

So basically, many people choose a church based off what they personally believe. I mean, the church is supposed to change us, teach us. We are not supposed to choose a church based on what we personally believe. How is that any better than choosing to interpret the Bible however we feel like?

It is, the Church is supposed to change us. the Bible is supposed to change us. We are not supposed to inject our interpretations or our Preconceived beliefs under the Church, but many of them start studying during this time saying: “Oh! I do not agree with that”, and they go deeper, and the more they go deeper, they realize that Jesus started the Catholic Church that is the “Original Church” that the earliest Christians were “Catholic Things”. They never thought of before and many of them come back home to the” Catholic Church.”

I guarantee you, we will see a whole lot of former Catholics saying: “Yes, that was me. I did not really know my faith, but then I came home. I did not really know my faith, and I jumped around, and I was happy for a while, but then I came back to the Catholic Church.”

And here is another secret that they do not want you to know: Many Protestant pastors are former Catholics who did not know their faith before they left. They did not know it. They did not study it. And they got led away by the first person who said: “Look what the Bible says”, and because they did not know anything, they followed, they started studying Protestant theology, and then they became a Protestant pastor.

But here is another secret. Besides the fact that many former Catholics are Protestant pastors, the majority of ex-Catholics did not know their faith.  And how do we know this? That most Catholics did not know their faith because the” Pew polls” revealed that people left gradually. They just kind of fell away from it. It was not like something made them leave. Or, in a minority of cases, the scandals or, you know, this priest did something. You know, other kind of emotional reasons that upset them! But the majority of the people just fell away. They were not practicing their faith. They were not living their faith. And they certainly did not know their faith. And what the polls reveal is that just about 50 percent of all Catholics who left, left before they were even 18 years old. Many left before 18, not even at 18, before 18.

And they say: “The vast majority of all former Catholics left the church before they were 24 years old.” So, we are talking young people who did not really have time to research, and many of them left right after Confirmation. And we know most people do not learn anything in Confirmation. So, the vast majority of Catholics, by far and away, leave as kids before they are 18, or the other majority before they are 24 by the time they graduate from college.

And I knew that. I have been saying that for years. The statistics say: “About 4 out of 5 kids, will leave their faith before college.” College is a pool of filth that sucks our children’s faith from them. Same thing with high schools, middle schools, secular institutions do this.

This is our whole country today, and this is for Protestantism too. I mean, you could look at the pew polls of Protestants leaving their faith. They are just cultural Protestants, Protestants who are unaffiliated. They are not really living their faith either because it is just a mass exodus from people being religious today because we are lazy.

Our parents have failed to pass on their faith. This is the main meaning. This is the monumental message going on here is that the majority of our kids leave the faith. They were not passed on with it. The parents failed to give them their faith, to raise them in the faith, to teach them apologetics, to teach them how to love God, to teach them how to have that deep relationship with God.

Many of the parents do not know that. And many parents come and admit that to us, they say: “We failed our kids. What can we do? We are coming back to the faith late in life, but how can we get our kids back now?” And it is an honest and good question. And that is why we are here: to try to Teach the kids, parents or teens or kids.

We have people of all ages watching our channel, but we are here to teach them their faith That is why we Exist We exist to be truth in an age of confusion and oxygen in a toxic culture. People that want to suck away our faith say: “God is not real.” Or “You do not need to go to church.”

All this lukewarm secularism, you know, idealism, scientism and all of these other isms that take us away from God. But thank God that we exist, and “Catholic Answers”, and “Dynamic Catholic”, and many other great organizations that have sprung up from this disaster, and are bringing countless souls back to God, back to the faith, back to Church. Praise God for that many religious orders are blooming now! There is a huge revival going on in the Church, and it is great to see. We have a whole video if you are interested called “Hope for the Catholic Church”, and it talks about many of the unknown things that are going on in the Church from the ground up, the whole entire conversion, reversion, changing of the Catholic Church from within, a grassroots revival, a restoration, in a sense, of the Catholic faith.

And that is great, and it will still take many years to accomplish, but the fact is it is going on and you need to know about it. We had a video called “Catholic Crisis”, which you also might want to check out, which is where these problems came from in the first place. Religious education programs, churches, Catholic schools, Bishops, priests, I mean, we kind of go through all of them and how they trickle down to us today and why we mass abandoned our Catholic Faith in the 1960s and in the 1970s. And the free love revolution, new age movement, anarchy, rebellion, all of these things that came about at the same time.

And it caused many people to leave their faith. It caused like 50, 000 priests and nuns to leave the Church. And so, I mean, it is crazy what happened!

But Jesus is not going to let his Church die. So, I want to praise and give thanks. You know, give my support to all those former Catholics who have come home, who did their research, who studied, who got into the Bible, who got into Church history, who read the Early Church Fathers.

You cannot go back and read the earliest Christians and be like: “Oh! yes, they were Protestant, or they were Orthodox.” No, they were Catholic. And it is so obvious! And it is amazing! So many people are coming home to the Catholic Church. And I am so happy for that! I mean, every day, practically, we get emails or social media messages saying: “Thank you, I was falling away and now I am coming back to the Catholic Church because of your ministry.”

Catechesis has not been there, but we also blame the Church for catechesis. It is not the church’s job to catechize your kids. It is your job, parents, and you are trying to rely on the Church. That is like us sending the kids to school for one hour a week and expecting the school to give them everything they need to know.