Transform Your Parishioners and Your Parish!

They are like “mini-retreats” for the flock which are convenient to attend.
One talk is given for three consecutive evenings along with an optional prayer service to conclude.

Our Goal

The goal of our Parish Missions is to inspire your parishioners and to deepen and rejuvenate their spiritual lives. These missions help your parishioners to come to a more profound knowledge of God and their faith, and inspire them to live it out both in the parish and in daily life.

We also speak to teens and Confirmation programs. Therefore, there is an option to hold an additional night for teens or to have them join the parish during one of the three evenings.


This talk presents the inexplicable and incredible love story that unfolds between God and mankind through the person of Jesus Christ. It starts with sin and ends with salvation. This night will help Catholics to fall more in love with Jesus and develop a deeper desire to know Him and serve Him. Challenge your parishioners to consider why they exist, the goal of thier life, and how live as a true disciples of Christ.

why God doesn't answer prayer


This night provides important principles needed to grow a good prayer life. It also it teaches Catholics how to pray, how to connect with God, and how to make prayer effective. This is a practical approach to prayer that works which anybody at any level of faith can employ. It starts with vocal prayer and ends with contemplative prayer. It begins with desire and ends at intimacy with God. Many Catholics have said prayers their whole life but few have found a deep connection with God. This seminar will change that.


Peter Kreeft once said that the problem with our country is a crisis of Saints. This is a hard-hitting talk about true discipleship and how to become a Saint that changes the world in some way. How do we live holy in an unholy world? How do we live Catholic without compromise in our families, at our job, and in the culture around us? This talk contains practical advice and inspirational stories that challenge us to live radically for Christ and to make a difference in the world.

Other Popular Talks:

1. “The Sacrament of Confession: A Life Transforming Experience” (With optional penance service to follow)

2. “The Best Gift Ever!” The true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and how it can transform our lives. (With optional Adoration service to follow)

3. Why Be Catholic? (With all of the issues in the Church, why be Catholic?)

4. Other talks upon request


“This retreat changed my life!  The talks were so interesting and so dynamic. The whole weekend was so powerful that I really can’t even put into words what a change it has made in my life.  Thank you so very much!” Retreat Participant, Malvern, PA

“WOW!! I cannot even describe what an incredible keynote talk that was! When you invite a Speaker, you never know how good it will be, but your talk was unbelievable. You wowed everyone present and brought tears to my eyes.  It was just amazing, perfectly timed, perfectly delivered, and a powerful impact Everyone has been raving about it!” Adult Formation Director, Harrisburg, PA

“I have invited Bryan to speak to many audiences, both young and old. He has been given a gift of teaching it and inspiring others. He is fantastic with both teens and adults, and is always received in an incredibly positive and enthusiastic way. People just love what he has to say and hang on his every word.” Adult Formation Director, Fall River, MA