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Inspirational. Spiritual. Experiential.

Retreats with Catholic Truth are not long, boring lectures, not merely fun and games, and not just praying all-day. Rather, our retreats are a whole, complete experience of faith.

Every Catholic Truth retreat is professional, educational, inspiring, and spiritual. Most important, these retreats are practical and relevant to the lives of Catholic teens today!

Online Confirmation retreat! Catholic Truth also offers an online Confirmation retreat due to the pandemic and for those who wish to utilize it. It’s also perfect for students who miss their Confirmation or school retreat and need to make it up. It is a complete retreat experience. For more information, click here.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help teens to learn their faith, love their faith, and to have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ. We seek to give each student a positive faith experience that will inspire them to live out their faith more in everyday life.

These retreats are a perfect blend of games and ice breakers, relevant and dynamic talks, a powerful prayer service, and more. There are options for Mass, Confession as well.

So whether you would like a Confirmation retreat, a Catholic school retreat, a youth group retreat, or for Bryan to come speak at your conference or youth gathering, we have been doing this a very long time and we are happy to serve you and your group!

More About Our Retreats

  • We come to you
  • We plan the whole retreat, create the schedule, and manage every aspect from beginning to end for your convenience (unless you have ideas you would like to add in also)
  • We offer half day retreats (about 4.5 hours) or full day retreats (7 hours) and even offer overnight retreats. Retreat times will differ based on whether it’s a Confirmation retreat or a full day Catholic school retreat, for example.
  • We also offer keynote talks, workshops, at Theology on Taps, university Newman Clubs, young adult events and more.

OUR EXPERIENCE: Bryan has been leading retreats for more than two decades. Whether it’s a retreat with only “Catholic Bryan” or a retreat team experience you desire, we will meet your teens where they are at and give them an encounter they will not forget.

Please fill out the Booking information or contact us here for questions: https://catholictruth.orgcontact-catholic-truth/


“The retreat today was amazing and completely changed my life! Before the retreat, I didn’t believe in God, but after the retreat I did very deeply. The talks were great and answered all my questions. I now pray every day and attend Mass every week. This retreat changed the way I think, and I now have a full faith in God.” Confirmation Student, Bristol, CT

“I just wanted to thank you. The retreat today was the best retreat I’ve ever been to. I got so much out of your talks, and the prayer service was very powerful for me. Thank you for praying with me too. As soon as you did I felt so relaxed and relieved. My home life is anything but pleasant, but the prayer service was great and I felt God really listening. This retreat was such a breath of fresh air in my life and I can’t thank you enough for that! Confirmation Student, Seekonk, MA.

“Hey Catholic Bryan! I am so thankful for the retreat today. It was so inspiring! I am becoming Catholic. My family is originally Baptist. But when you spoke about the Catholic faith today, it gave me great excitement. I now can’t wait to be Catholic and a full part of this church. Thank you so much for this experience!”  Confirmation Student, Nazareth, TX

Bryan has done many retreats for our Catholic High School and will continue to do so because he is loved by all the students. He is extremely engaging and very relatable, and I can honestly say that the students sit on the edge of their seat every time he talks. He includes stories and facts in what he is saying and also shares his real life experiences. I think the students appreciate that. Even though he is straight forward with life lessons, he has so much love and he is not judgemental and so it’s easy for the students to receive his message.” Catholic Priest, Bristol, CT. New York

“I was a hardcore atheist before this retreat and hated church. The talks given were so amazing and helped me to open myself up to God and his love at the prayer service. I now live totally for God. I go to adoration weekly and am even discerning religious life. Thank you! I don’t know where I would be without having had this experience!”  Teen Retreatant, New York City

“I just cannot say enough about this retreat you put on for our teens. It was absolutely amazing, and I’m still coming down from the high of how the teens were so impacted. They got so much out of it; we will definitely have you back again next year.” DRE, Haddon Heights, NJ

“Hey! I am the one who wore all black at the retreat today. I just want to say thank you for preaching Jesus to me like no one ever has. I have major depression, deep scars on my wrists and all over my body, suicidal thoughts, and much more I don’t think you care about. I’m stable now, I see a therapist now and take meds. But today, you really got to me. You helped me to love God a lot more than before and helped me to realize things that I didn’t realize before. At the end of the retreat when we prayed, everything was taken out of me. I gave it all over to Jesus, and I haven’t been happier in my entire life. My low self esteem is gone I feel new. I’m just so happy. Thank you for making me understand Jesus more and more.” Confirmation Student, Windsor Locks, CT.

“I have been on many retreats in middle school, high school, for confirmation, and otherwise, and this retreat was the best one. Bryan could relate to us, his talks were powerful and entertaining and got his message across in very interesting ways. He was very influential, and I didn’t want the retreat to end!” Catholic High School student, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Bryan you really helped me to open up both my heart and my mind to God. For the first time, I listened. I listened to the stories of Jesus and why He died for us. This was an epiphany moment for me, and I’m forever grateful and happy.” Family Youth Conference, Scranton, PA.

“Bryan, your retreat was amazing, and believe it or not, my favorite part were your talks and prayer time in adoration. You are a really inspiring person, and you helped change my views and beliefs on God and the Catholic Church. It was all very moving and if only I could have these talks everyday! You are relatable and I could really relate to your experiences and problems you went through. You have really helped me to get through the pain and take the right path in my life, the one closer to God.” Catholic School Student, Woonsocket, RI.

“Hi Bryan, I wanted to thank you so very much for coming to talk to our middle school youth. They really enjoyed it! In fact one of our core team leaders just left my office and told me one of the children really connected with your talk and wants to go back to Mass on Sundays. How wonderful!! There was also a request for you to come back again. Thank you so very much, and I know that God is working through you and has given you this wonderful gift to share. “ Director of Religious Education, Georgetown, CT.

“Honestly, I came here thinking that this was going to be a waste of time and stupid. I came dreading to be here 7 hours, but I really actually enjoyed it. I am now really glad I came and feel that I have a stronger relationship with God and a better understanding of my faith. I’m glad it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Thank you.” Confirmation Student, Cape Cod, MA.

“That was absolutely the most amazing retreat! I can’t put into words how powerful it was.Thank you again so much for absolutely everything. You and God both changed my life! I’ve realized God is always going to be by my side! He’s always going to be there to hear my prayers and guide me on the right path. I hope the other teens are as touched as my friends and I were! Thank you for serving as a model for having a relationship with God!” Confirmation Student, New York