The Catholic Church and Gay Marriage

What is the Catholic Church’s position on gay marriage? Is there a such thing as gay marriage? After all, if two people truly love each other, then why shouldn’t they be allow allow to marry?

This is probably the most popular question that people ask me by far (along with questions of transgender). And, it is a good question.

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church allow gay marriage? What is their reasoning?

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No Gay Marriage?

The truth is that the Catholic Church is not against gay people at all. Jesus taught us to love everyone, and the Catholic Church has come out with authoritative letters saying that we must love and respect people who have same-sex attraction. The Church was firm that we cannot not bully them or harm them, or treat them unjustly, etc. (You can read that letter here).

However, while the Catholic Church loves and respects everyone, one thing is true, the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman. Remember, marriage is not man’s design but God’s, and that is the way it has been from the beginning.

On that note, we have to realize that marriage is not whatever we want it to be. It is actually an institution designed by God with meaning and purpose. However, some people today want to redefine marriage, to strip it of its purpose, and to portray it simply as something between two people who “love each other.”

The problem in trying to redefine marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church, and Christianity as a whole, is that it is impossible to redefine something that God has already permanently defined. In addition, if we change the meaning of marriage to include “two people who love each other,” then what is to prevent us from redefining it for three people, six people, or even ten people? If we can arbitrarily just redefine marriage, then the possibilities could be endless and marriage is no longer marriage.

Take three people who “truly love each other” and who wish to get married, or six people, or even 10. This is known as polygamy, or a polyamorous relationship. In other words, a man can marry as many wives as he chooses. You may not be aware, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States working hard to get polygamy legalized, to have marriage redefined again to include them.

In addition, there are actually people who want to legalize incest marriage (meaning two people of the same family or extended family can get married).  Now, someone may remark how “messed up” that is, but they respond by saying, “Why can’t people of the same family who truly love each other get married? My love life has nothing to do with you.”

Still worse, there are there are actual people in this world (sadly) who want animal marriage legalized. Animal marriage? That’s right, animal marriage.  A person can marry their animal. And since homosexuality is making strides with their cause, polygamists, incestual relationships, and animal lovers are all working hard to try to redefine marriage again.

At this point, people might cringe and say, “Animal marriage, that’s going too far though! That’s disgusting!” However, just like the polygamist, incest, and homosexual groups, they respond the same way; “Hey, love is love! Who are you to tell me that I can’t marry my animal that I love? Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do in my own life and under my own roof?”

So, we have many different groups trying to redefine what marriage is and to expand the definition of marriage to include just about anything. However, The Catholic Church states that this is not possible. None of their sincere desires change the truth that marriage has always been between one man and one woman forever. That’s what marriage is.  It’s not whatever we want it to be.

Therefore, it is nothing personal against homosexual people or polygamists or anyone else, but the Catholic Church is not for changing marriage in any case at all, whether it’s homosexuality, polygamy, incest, bestiality (animal marriage), or anything else. And in fact, we cannot. I reemphasize that we cannot redefine what God has already defined indelibly.

After all, if we make an exception for one group and Pandora’s Box opens, then anything is permissible. When marriage ceases to be marriage, it will destroy what marriage actually is (and there are people in our country who actually want that).

So to be clear, the Catholic Church is not against homosexual people and is not discriminating in any way. It’s that the Church is against gay marriage, polygamist marriage, incest, marriage, animal marriage, and any other type of a “marriage” that is not, in fact, actually marriage or that would change what marriage truly is. Even if the Church wanted to change it, She cannot. Because the law comes from God and we cannot, and do not, have the authority to change God’s commands.

With that being said, the Catholic Church has said that everyone on earth was made by God for love, in other words, to love and to be loved in return. And that includes people with same-sex attraction. Everyone was made to be loved. Everyone. This is good. However, marriage is a special institution for a man and a woman who have the ability to pro-create and keep life going on the planet, which is the ultimate purpose of sex and marriage.

Think about it. If the first two people on earth were both men, human beings would immediately go extinct. Because they cannot procreate. Likewise if it was two women, we would be extinct. Procreation is impossible. However, a man and a woman have the necessary and complimentary body parts, per God’s design, to create life and keep this life going on the planet. God could have made  a lot of people, but He chose humans to have a part in it, which is what marriage is primarily about and something homosexuals are not capable, no offense to them.

Of course, this does not mean that homosexual people cannot or should not love or be loved. It is just in a different way. (If you would like more information on this, check out my video here.

The bottom line is that we were all made for love. First and foremost, this means a loving relationship with God Himself, our true Father. If you as someone who struggles with your relationship with God or your homosexual identity, there are resources for you that I’d love to share below. (You can also check out this video which will give you more information for help and support). Also, feel free to check out Daniel Mattson who is a Catholic man of same-sex attraction who has found complete happiness and freedom in God and in His faith. Check that out below.

The ultimate love in all the universe is Jesus Christ Himself. If you want to be truly happy, then that begins with a relationship with Jesus. God is our Creator, and no human relationship can compare to His. After all, God is love, and He wants you to be completely and infinitely fulfilled in Hi!

CHECK IT OUT! Thanks for reading! I highly encourage you to check out the videos and resources below for more information and for help in this. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to leave them below. If you find this information helpful and informative, then please share it with others. Thanks, and God bless you!



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