The Catholic Church came under a lot of fire this past week because it released a document on the topic of transgender written to Catholic schools. (To watch the video on this topic instead, just click here).

The Vatican did not teach anything new but presented what people have believed forever, that a boy is a boy, and a girl is a girl; male is male, and female is female. Sex and gender cannot be changed and is not fluid.

Even though the tone of the letter was very loving, gentle, and respectful, and said that people who identify as transgender should be treated kindly and lovingly, fundamentalist activists came out of the woodwork to attack the Catholic Church right on cue. Some priests even suggested that this document would promote bigotry against the lgbt community. Sorry Fr. James Martin, it’s just not true! The document even opened the possibility for friendly dialogue.

Some people today, usually the younger generation, believe that you can choose your sex or gender based on how you feel and identify. You may be born a male or female, they say, but a person might not identify with that in their mind. Thus, if they are born male, they could in theory actually be a female. Of course, this isn’t true, and it leads to a whole host of problems and confusion.

For example, there was a man who thought he was really a woman in a man’s body, so he had a sex change to reflect that. However, after becoming a “woman,” he still was not happy and changed back to become a man. Later on, he became a woman yet again, making it the 3rd sex change.

Another man is famously known for went in for 167 sex change surgeries. That is not transgender, that is confusion. Nobody said anything to this poor man? Nobody related that the problem is not his identification, it’s a mind issue? Were the doctors just filling their pockets with his money? Did they even care about him as a person and helping the real problem?

We have people today changing in a wide variety of ways and even inventing pronouns to describe the different genders being invented. Today, we can identifying as almost anything. We have men who think they are six-year-olds because their minds are lying to them and telling them that they are six. One man had a sex surgery to become a girl, to look like a little girl, and to reflect how he felt. This is a grown man, and it is extremely sad.


The truth is that a person cannot change their sex or their age. It’s biologically impossible. If I claim to be 10-years-old, that does not make me 10, even if I believe it. If I believe I am a lizard, I should probably get some help. Yet, today you have people identifying as cats, dogs, and reptiles, aliens and all sorts of scary things. One man went for surgery to become a reptile, receiving scales to reflect the “reality” his mind was telling him.

The fact that some of our society lies to these people under the guise of “tolerance” and “being nice” does not help anyone, and in fact, we are hurting them and stunting them by encouraging these illusions.

The Catholic Church actually cares for people who believe themselves to be transgender (or whatever other disassociation, psychological, or other issues people are facing) and desires to help them. But it seems that other activists, the political activists and gay activists don’t care for these people at all, telling us that everything is OK, including but not limited to, thinking you are another sex, another animal, or another age. This is damaging. It’s confusing, and it’s not helping anyone. It certainly is not helping the problem or getting to its route.

Another thing that caused the fundamentalist activists to lash out against the Catholic Church is that the document mentioned the importance of family and that family was one man and one woman. In addition, children need both a mother and a father. That is what family is in God’s eyes. The Bible states that God made human beings “male and female.” God made sex. He made gender. That’s how it is, and it is what science has told us forever.

The document also spoke of the complementarity of the spouses, gifts and qualities that men and women each bring – some that only men can bring and some that only women are able to give. A child needs both a mother and father for the most healthy relationship and growth. Two wonderful men could never take the place of a woman or a mommy. Two women (even if one is more masculine) could never replace a father or a daddy. Children need both masculine and feminine genius. That is the way God created it to be.

There have been children of homosexual parents who have spoken out against homosexual marriage because they have been the product of two moms or two dads or different scenarios. They have grown up lamenting the lack of a father or mother in their life. Out from Under, for example, is the story of Dawn Stefanowicz who was the product of a homosexual parent, and she tells her story.

So the Catholic Church was not slamming transgender people as all the news stories have stated, and even some fake Catholic organizations. The Church was not making fun of people who believe themselves to be trans in any way. It just reaffirmed everything that humanity has always believed and known since the beginning of time. God is the author of life and the author of sex and marriage. He made marriage between one man and one woman, and a child needs both a mother and a father to be a completely whole and healthy individual. God did not make gender fluid, and yet at the same time, the document clearly states we must love and respect our brothers and sisters who struggle with this and not bully or the way God intended.

Our next article will go into greater detail on this topic, and our final article will discuss “inter sex” people or hermaphrodites and how that differs from the transgender movement.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.