My first article in this Glamour series vented on the pathetic advice that women receive in magazines like this one. I lamented the fact that most of the information given does not lead to true love or intimacy but, only to pain and disappointment.

Thus, I would like to continue to expose the untruths and skewed sex advice offered by magazines like this. Understanding how to weed through the lies and misinformation will help you to avoid heartbreak, ensure that you find love, and are treated in a manner worthy of a child of God.

In one of the latest issues, there was a survey article titled, “What Everyone You Know Is Really Doing In Bed,” in which a thousand women gave their feedback to questions.

The article came across with a high school mentality of “everybody’s doing it.” It seemed to advocate that no rules, morals, or boundaries in the sexual sphere is normal and acceptable. With that being said, the article stated: “In some ways, our survey shows, women are still conservative sexually. About half had five or fewer partners.”

Upon reading that, I wondered how five partners could be considered conservative. Perhaps considering the rampant promiscuity of the other women in the survey, 3, 4, or 5 doesn’t seem so bad.

In one question, for example, the survey asked women how many sexual partners they’ve had. A quarter of all the women had between 6-10 partners. As disturbing as that is, more than 10% had 11-15 partners and another 10% had 21 or more partners.

To put it in perspective, 100 women in this study had up to 15 partners and another 100 had 20 or more partners! What’s intriguing is that two questions later, more than half the women admitted that it would “bother them” if their partners’ numbers were that high.

Notice that the article didn’t offer zero as an option. Apparently, they do not understand the beauty or purpose of sexuality. They don’t grasp that our hearts were made to be given to one person in marriage and not multiple partners. And, we wonder why the divorce rate is skyrocketing, and why lasting love and intimacy are hard to find.

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