Who Made God?

Who made God?  This question is brought up as a continuation from my last post.  If you have not read my first two posts on “Does God Really Exist?” I would highly recommend them for the proper context.

We showed how God is real, and is the necessary First Cause of everything that is.  Everything in the world has a cause for its existence. However, this line of causes can’t go back forever because that would be a mathematical contradiction.  It must have a First Cause, someone who got it all started.  God.  Objections naturally arise.  Who made God?  Where did He come from?  How do we know who He is?

Most Atheists and agnostics envision God as a very big person or a machine in the sky.  However, these depictions are very far off.  God is a purely spiritual being, eternal and uncreated, without beginning or end.   No one made Him.

Think about this for a second.  By definition, He could not have been made.  The laptop I am typing on was made; it was created.  Tables, computers, buildings, water bottles, and chicken nuggets are all made.  If God came into existence as these objects did, or if He was made, then He would be just like a chicken nugget.  He would be the same as these material factory made objects.  Does that really sound like the God of the universe?  To make a comparison is nonsensical and reveals that God wasn’t made.

In addition, each of the listed things above at one time did not exist.  They were brought into existence by something else and will go out of existence at some point and time in the future.  God is not like a water bottle or a chicken nugget.  Consequently, it is impossible that God then could have been brought into existence, or go out of existence like these things do.  If He did, He would be the same as these created objects, which is silly.  This is not God.  If God had a beginning, He would not and could not be God – by definition.  If He came into existence, He would be dependent on something or someone else for His existence as chicken nuggets owe their existence to something else.

If someone “created” God, then that Being would be God.  Get it?  Then, someone would ask where that Being came from, ad infinitum.  This leads to contradiction of Who God is.  By definition, God is the highest Being.  He is eternal, not in need of being created.  God is perfect being and existence – not contingent or dependent on anything else.  He is not a being among many, He is Being itself.  He is not in existence as we are (destined to go out of existence like stars, planets, and us mere humans), He is existence!  Pure existence.  If he didn’t exist, we wouldn’t either.  He is the transcendent cause holding everything else in existence.  This is important to understand!

How can we begin to understand who God is?  By understanding what He is not.  Since matter was created, it is impossible for God to be material or made out of matter.  Saying differently would claim that God was made, created.  (This point, by the way, disproves the Flying Spaghetti Monster).[1] 

Since God is not made out of matter, He must be a purely spiritual Being.  Simple, not complex like a machine.  Likewise, space and time were also created.  Thus, it is obvious then that God has to be timeless and spaceless (Omnipresent), outside of both and bound by neither.  God’s power is likewise evident by the fact that it takes an immense amount of power to create everything that exists.  As a result, we can start to get a picture of who God is and to form an understanding of Him.  Keep in mind that I have only presented two proofs so far with more to come.  Other proofs reveal more of who God is to help form a a more complete picture.

Anyway that someone chooses to slice it, it cannot be asserted with intellectual honesty that Christians have not logically thought through these issues, as shown in my first two blog posts on God.  Therefore, to claim that there is no evidence for the existence of God is erroneous.  In fact, the evidence most assuredly points to a Creator, a Designer, which we will look at in my next post on the existence of God.

Naturally then, based off the evidence, there are very good reasons to accept God’s existence rather than the alternative – the acceptance that something dead thing spontaneously made itself from nothing, or that dead entities somehow existed forever and created millions of other dead things.

Some people may understand this a little bit, but find it hard to comprehend.  How could God just be there?  How could he just exist?  The reverse is tough to swallow too?  How could dead planets, galaxies, and solar systems just exist infinitely with no explanation?  How could they just be there?  Either way, since humans were not present in the beginning, it is hard to grasp what happened with our tiny finite minds.

For me, it’s far easier to believe that a Mind, an intelligent Being created everything.  That makes sense with what we know of the universe.  Plus, it makes more sense in combination with the other proofs I have presented here and here, along with other ones coming soon.  This is in contrast to powerless dead things just existing by themselves, or coming from nothing, to say nothing of how they also just happened to create millions of other dead things (which all just coincidentally all happen to be governed by laws, constants, universals, and a gigantic amount of fine-tuning).  This is much harder to swallow.

So as for God, confusing and hard to understand doesn’t = untrue.  Trigonometry is difficult to understand, but it’s still true.  Just because I don’t personally understand it doesn’t change that.  It was true long before anyone figured it out.  And, it is the same with God.  Just because you can’t grasp it yet, doesn’t mean God’s not real.  Don’t give up.  You can know about Him.  He has revealed Himself and taught us a bit about Himself, and you can see and understand Him a bit by observing His creation.  We will talk about creation and revelation soon in upcoming posts.

So the next time someone asks you who made God?  Tell them, no one.  If God was created, He wouldn’t be God.

[1] The Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t exist, obviously, but if it did, it was created, and therefore subject to God.  How do I know? Because it’s made out of spaghetti which is matter, and therefore it was created.  The same can be said for Richard Dawkin’s little china teapot he asserts could be flying in space unseen between to planets.