Here’s a post for all of the Catholic DC fans out there. I bet you have seen Wonder Woman, right? I did. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! One of the reasons I liked it so much was because the movie portrayed Wonder Woman as a true woman; strong yet feminine, assertive and yet a model of virtue and nobility.

I’m not speaking necessarily of the way she dressed here or her costume, but as a person. Men keep drooling over her looks and comment about how beautiful she was. Of course… but I think her true beauty came from within. Check it out…

***Spoiler Alert***

One scene in the movie really struck me. Wonder Woman walked in on a naked man coming out of a pool. He stood there frozen, and she didn’t look down at his naked body at all. Rather, she kept eye contact and thought nothing inappropriate. Never meeting a man before, she asked if he was an average man. He looked down at himself and said, “I’d say above average.” Yet, she thought nothing of the comment and continued conversation. How many times have you seen that in a movie recently?

That small act – maintaining eye contact when another person was in a vulnerable position and thinking immorally – made such a big impression on me. Her perfect purity revealed to me just how much we have devolved morally as a society and as human beings (especially as men!). How many countless times we have devolved into something perverted or sexually lewd. However, it was so refreshing to see Wonder Woman set the bar of virtue high again, and it reminded me of the innocence God gave us that we should all be striving for.

Yes, she was beautiful on the outside, but she reflected a much greater beauty from within. Throughout the movie, I felt that Wonder Woman personified exceptional honor and virtue. She also showed a superior love and compassion for mankind along with a hunger for justice and for doing what is right. She never got tired of calling mankind to higher standards. I liked that!

The best part is that such a strong and heroic woman did not need to leave her femininity behind. She did not have to be a sexual object or objectify other men in return. She did not need to assert her “womanhood” or become someone else. No. She was a model of womanhood. She was normal. Healthy. Strong. Feminine and virtuous. She still liked common things too like flowers, babies and ice cream, things that many modern feminists would roll their eyes at. Thus, I found the character of Wonder Woman to be a great representation of a complete woman, the way God made us to be.

Wonder Woman is a “real” woman, a true woman whose actions in the movie really help set the bar high in terms of virtue. Her character give us a little reminder of how refreshing purity was meant to be. Christians can view that purity and authenticity as a reminder of how it was before we fell in the Garden of Eden.

Hey, if a DC movie can give us a little reminder of what that original innocence looked like and how we’re supposed to act and treat each other (not as objects), then I’ll take it!

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Wonder Woman is a true woman…